The Top Ladies Shoe Trends for Summer 2019

Summer is approaching and with the new year comes brand new shoe trends. All the spring/summer shows are showcasing the popular shoes that we will be seeing on the runway as well as the high street in the coming months.

From summer sandals, to tan boots, 2019’s summer shoe trends are bolder and more sophisticated than ever before. The overall look for 2019 is for items that feel and look expensive with silky fabrics that integrate well with tonal colour themes. Here is a look at the top ladies’ shoe trends for the coming summer, and some details about the most popular shoes that will be on offer to complement your new summer wardrobe!


Whether they are on a sandal or a heel, feathers are going to be very popular for Summer 2019. They have already been seen on the runway from designer Valentino.

Based on the designs we have already seen; you are most likely to find the feathers added around the heel area of the shoe or lined across the strips of sandals. Either way, the feather shoe look is going to be one of the most popular shoe trends available this summer. This is one of the more out-there looks for the summer, but it is sure to make your summer wardrobe stand out!

Summer Heels

No matter what new trends are due to rise in summer, a pair of high heeled shoes are timeless and will never go out of fashion. From high heels to stilettos, featuring animal print or a bold colour, you can get a pair of high heels to fit every occasion. You should be sure to check out the high heels from that offer unique designs that reflect the latest trends, making them an essential for your summer wardrobe.


While embroidery has become a recent fashion trend for bags and clothes, it is also expected to be a popular shoe trend for the coming summer. You have probably seen the pictures of Blake Lively’s stunning embroidered dress at the Met Gala, which has made embroidered items even more popular.

But this popular trend now extends to various types of shoes, from boots to platform sandals; you will be seeing plenty of embroidered items in the coming fashion trends. The detailing we are expecting to see from embroidered shoes will make for a vintage feel addition to your summer wardrobe.

Sculptural Heels

Now sculptural heels aren’t for everyone, but they are a great way to dress up an outfit. They can be worn with both work and party outfits as you can keep it simple by pairing them with a T-shirt and jeans. Alternatively, they would also go well with an evening dress to take your outfit to the next level and really get the attention of the other party guests.


Even though they are usually found on bags or jeans, you will start to see a lot more buckles appearing on shoes during the summer of 2019. Alexander McQueen has already started the trend by sending a three buckled shoe down the runway, and Sies Marjan’s new collection went as far as adding four buckles! Buckled sandals are also about to make a dramatic entrance into the new fashion trends of summer 2019. If you aren’t sure about having your feet completely enclosed by buckles, then you should look out for the single-buckle options that will be emerging in the summer months.

By adhering to these up and coming shoe trends for summer 2019, you will be wearing some of the most popular shoes available!

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