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The Top Trends in Solar Energy You Should Know for 2023

Now, more than ever, the quest for the best and most renewable source of energy has reached new heights – and solar power leads the way. Solar energy has become an increasingly viable investment for many households and commercial enterprises. It has even made a market breakthrough in the UK, where traditionally, people have not been as interested. The trend in the rest of Europe is fast becoming in favour of solar energy, and people in the UK are also changing their perceptions – especially since the rising cost of fuel has become a real burden. This winter has been the coldest yet, but plenty are reluctant to ‘turn on the heat’ because of the prohibitive fuel prices! But if you are interested in taking advantage of solar energy for your home or business, here are the top trends in solar energy you should know for 2023.

The year of solar energy

As Europe tries to break free from its reliance on fossil fuels and becomes increasingly independent of traditional energy sources, it is stepping up its game and investing hundreds of billions of Euros in renewable energy sources. One organisation, namely the Recovery and Resilience Fund, is revving up its game by investing €300 billion in the REPowerEU programme to attain 45% renewable energy in Europe by 2023 – which is only seven years from now, which means the clock really is ticking.

But they are not the only organisation working for the benefit of renewable energy – many smaller associations and organisations are also jumping on the bandwagon, ranging from corporations to regions and local councils to private residences throughout Europe. This year is obviously the year of solar energy – and in the UK, plenty of households and commercial entities are now installing rooftop solar energy systems as we speak, led by solar companies such as

Independence from the grid

Aside from being the year when a lot of companies and households try a renewable energy source such as solar, plenty of emphases is being placed on achieving independence from the grid. Because of the war in Ukraine, more nations and unions have seen the need for independence when it comes to energy. No one wants to become victim to energy blackmail, high energy prices, and a lack of supply. There is a greater need for private homes and corporations to become energy-independent, especially in light of higher prices of electricity and the risks presented by blackouts.

And the only way you can be totally independent is to produce your own energy. For many, solar is the best way to go. And it’s a good renewable energy source nowadays because it is reliable, readily available, and widely trusted by most. In addition to making you (at least somewhat) independent from the grid, solar energy has earned bonus points for being sustainable and green. This includes solar energy on our homes where you can save money and be totally independent with

More attention on the ‘life-cycle climate footprint’

Speaking of sustainable and green, just because it has been labelled as such doesn’t mean it is renewable. Many consumers are also considering the ‘life-cycle climate footprint’ of solutions for renewable energy. For instance, the carbon dioxide emissions per kilowatt-hour are a crucial measurement. This is why the private sector is eager to invest in’ carbon neutral solutions.’ More consumers are also becoming smart in their choices – and more aware of what a truly renewable energy source is.

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