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The types of calls you may receive on a mobile phone

Using a mobile phone can allow you to remain connected to the people you care about no matter where you are, as long as there is a phone signal. While you may expect, and welcome, some of these calls, others may be entirely different. Allowing yourself to acknowledge and understand the different unwanted calls that may come through to your phone can help you to either avoid them or, if necessary, be more prepared when they arise.

Marketing calls

Some companies may, at times, call you to try and get you to sign up to their products. While you might have asked certain companies to call you, others may be completely out of the blue. One of the issues may be that you are unable to differentiate between the two based on a telephone number. Using the internet, you could look up that 08007613362 called me, and see if Unknown Phone is able to tell you who the caller was. In addition to this, other users may also have some insight, having left their own feedback regarding their individual experiences with that same number. If you don’t want a company to contact you, it can be a good idea to block the number or, if you already answered, ask them to remove you from their list.

Abandoned calls

There may be times when you go to answer a call but are met with silence, and the other person seems to hang up. Abandoned calls might not always mean that a bad person tried to ring. Instead, it may be that a computer automatically dials numbers on behalf of a marketing company, and then only some of them are actually picked up by a person. You may want to again try blocking the number, especially if it keeps happening. Alternatively, reporting the number to the Telephone Preference Service can help to keep callers in line through fines and other disciplinary measures.

Scam calls

It can be incredibly unnerving when someone you don’t know calls you. At times, you may think you are being spoken to by a marketing agent, but it could actually be a scam. This may especially be the case if they ask for financial details, passwords, or can’t tell you basic information about your association with a company. You should never give out these details, or install something that a person on the phone told you to. If ever in doubt, you might want to hang up, and then dial the confirmed number for the business to check if the call was legitimate. 

Mobile phone usage might be quite important to you, so you shouldn’t let some of the more negative calls put you off. By figuring out the type of unexpected call you might receive, you may be in a better position to recognise and deal with them. Reporting nuisance or scam calls can also be a good way of helping to get them stopped or limited.

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