UK Games Expo 2023

The Unmissable Games That Ruled the Stage at UK Games Expo 2023

Board games have always been a popular favourite for families across the UK. These tabletop games have been a great way for families to be able to spend time together and enjoy an entertaining experience.

The recent pandemic helped the industry reemerge and grow in popularity again, as families looked to try and find something they could all do together while they were forced to stay at home through the imposed lockdowns.

It was not unheard of for certain game niches to grow during this period. The iGaming industry was also one of the biggest benefactors during this time, as it experienced a surge in the number of players regularly enjoying the titles that were on offer. 

There were numerous individuals who would have checked out reviews of sites, including Very Well Casino, where they would have been able to learn everything that they needed to before using it for their gaming needs.

The iGaming industry is one that has been rather innovative in the past, and it would not have been a surprise if developers were keeping tabs on the latest board games to have been created or those to have experienced a resurgence. The industry likes to stay on top by creating titles that can be based on popular culture. Therefore, the UK Games Expo may have been of key interest.

The event was certainly one that tabletop game enthusiasts had kept a close eye on, as there were numerous games to have ruled the stage. Let’s look at some of these below…

Moon – Sinister Fish

Completing a trilogy of games, Moon is one that stole the show at the 2023 UK Games Expo. Developed and created by Haakon Gaarder, it is the third title that follows on from the successful Villagers and Streets titles. Unfortunately for fans, it has been confirmed to be the final game of the series, but it could simply lead to bigger games in the future from Gaarder. This game is lightweight and features a number of mechanics that provide an entertaining experience.

Aliens – Galeforce Nine

Players who want to be able to experience the same emotions that they can get from Sci-fi movies will find it possible to do so with Galeforce Nine’s Aliens game. Players will go through a number of suspenseful and terrifying scenes in this game as they participate in a journey that will provide numerous memories. An immersive game that provides a constant feeling of danger, as aliens are everywhere. 

Cranium – 25th Anniversary – Funko Games

If you have been a fan of board games for the last couple of decades, it is likely you would have come across Cranium. The series is one of the most entertaining to have ever been created, and that fun is set to be expanded as Funko Games are releasing four new versions to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Players will be able to enjoy the original version while experiencing numerous new features that take the madness and joy of this title to new heights. Party games have never been better!

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