The Various Uses of CAT6 Cables

The Various Uses of CAT6 Cables

Though they are a bit more expensive, CAT6 cables have shown themselves to be substantially better than just about any cabling alternative. It provides greater bandwidth even compared to Cat5e, providing higher data transfer rates.

To an outsider, cabling can look all the same but there are major differences between each option. If you don’t know a lot about CAT6 cabling, knowing more about what they can do is a helpful thing.

What is a Cat6 Cable

Before we find out what they do, it helps to know what a cat 6 cable is. Short for Category 6, it is a type of ethernet cable that is commonplace in commercial, industrial, education, and military applications. It is comprised of twisted ethernet cabling, with Cat6 consisting of four pairs of twisted wires.

Cat6 is popular because of superior transfer speeds. On top of that, it has better shielding than other cable types, minimizing or even eliminating interference that could otherwise hinder those transfer speeds. For that reason, Cat6 cables are now used in a litany of different applications. Here are the most common uses for this cable type.

Connecting Smart TVs to a Switch or Router

Televisions are capable of doing more than ever before. Whether you are downloading certain streaming apps, plan to play a few games, or want to surf the web, having a reliable connection is a must for any smart TV.

By hooking your smart TV directly into a switch or router, you won’t have to worry about a laggy connection slowing you down. Smart TVs can make life a lot more convenient, but only if it has a consistent, reliable connection to keep things going.

Connecting a Home Automation System to a Switch or Router

Homes around the world are becoming more automated all the time. Whether it be changing the temperature, turning off the lights, locking the doors, or any number of other uses, it can all be done seamlessly with the right automation system.

Like any other device, being connected to a wireless router may be more convenient but it can lead to some issues. While it might not be a huge deal to have to do certain things manually, there is a certain level of fun and convenience when you have your home automation system going strong.

Connecting a Gaming Console to a Switch or Router

Gaming is a billion-dollar industry and there are more players out there than ever. Whether playing on a console or desktop computer, having a consistent connection is an absolute must. For that reason, a Cat6 cable is a must for any gaming setup.

The most important reason to use one is because it is far more reliable than using a wireless connection. Anyone who has played online before knows the sinking feeling when your Wi-Fi quality drops or stops working altogether. With a Cat6 cable, you can limit those instances.

Connecting a Surveillance System to a Router or Switch

Security, whether it be in your home or place of business, is critical. There are a variety of security systems to choose from but all of them require a secure, reliable connection. That is where Cat6 can be beneficial. If you plan to have a surveillance system, you will definitely need a Cat6 connection.

With an array of cameras to keep watch over the property, keeping interruptions and distortions to a minimum is a must. Cat6 provides better transfer speeds while also severely limiting or eliminating distortion or interference that could otherwise interrupt your surveillance system even for a short period of time.

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