Make the most of Brighton Fringe at The Warren

With the 2018 Brighton Fringe Festival having kicked off last week, this year’s attraction seems to be already drawn primarily to The Warren, the uniquely structured complex which showcases a spectacular range of theatre performances, plus a variety of delicious sustenances to carry you through the May evenings.

Created by Otherplace in 2012, The Warren has rapidly risen from a pop-up complex made up of three performance spaces, to this year’s main entertainment hub at Brighton Fringe.

Located on the grounds of St Peter’s Church in York Place, it now has four theatres including the centrepiece of The Warren site – a 250-seat tent in the shape of a bowler hat.

Despite all of shows taking place throughout the festival, it is the intimate bars on offer, supplying exotic food and drink, which attracts many of the guests.

This year The Warren has partnered with Vudu Food, a street food eatery, who will be supplying anything from mouth-watering burgers, to vegetarian dishes such as their signature ‘Veggie Stack’ – a grilled aubergine and courgette layered with roasted red peppers – a dish definitely not worth missing out on.

After indulging in some delicious grub, you can move on into the Festival Bar where you can sip on some of the nicest beverages Brighton. And, as there’s heated seating inside, you needn’t duck anywhere else to keep warm when waiting for those 11pm performances! For the days, there’s plenty of space in the sun in the main Warren space – arguably Brighton’s biggest beer garden in May.

The Warren is staging a total of 177 shows across four stages at this year’s Brighton Fringe, from hilarious comedy sketches such as ‘A Serious Play About World War II’, gripping theatre performances such as ‘A Song of Plague’, to breath-taking circus shows – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Tickets for shows can be found on The Warren website, where you can find plenty of family and student discount deals.

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