The Watershed Brighton

The Watershed at BMYC: A holiday in your own backyard

‘What are your favourite sounds?’

I know you haven’t asked, but if you did, mine would be the splashing of the sea, the laughter of people and songs by The Beatles that aren’t Ringo’s.

Stepping aboard The Watershed at BMYC, I wasn’t aware I’d be hearing all three today.

And yes, I said stepped aboard…

It turns out my first post-lockdown review is a vibrant new floating venue on Brighton’s Marina, with its sights set firmly on reinvigorating the area’s social scene.

Walking the plank to board, no shivers were timbered as the staff swiftly guided us through the ‘new normal’ via a succinct QR app, ensuring the restaurant experience was safely manifested in seconds.

The Watershed Brighton MarinaEntering the open-plan venue, you’re struck by a vista so alluring it takes a few seconds to remember you’re not actually on holiday.

Warm, inviting, and festooned with boating memorabilia, the interior’s classy design is the perfect shipmate to its knockout panoramic seascape.

Having arrived on the wettest day of the year, our original plan to relax on The Watershed’s stunning pontoon was scuppered, so the irony of entering the restaurant to the jangling guitars of The Beatles’ classic, Here Comes the Sun, was by no means lost on me.

Any rainy-day woes were immediately dissipated by the arrival of our host, Rebecca, who explained with gusto that she makes ‘the best Bloody Marys in Brighton!’.

“When you think it’s too hot – that’s when you add more Tabasco.”

Before I’d even answered, my shipmate had ordered two.

Congratulations, Rebecca, you were correct – and they won’t be the last!

Being a Sunday, we looked at the roasts, but contrary to the formulaic nature of many Sunday menus in this town, the restaurant also offers a variety of options for those looking to swerve the norm.

For a starter, I opted for the Vegan Board and (£9) while my friend chose the Fritto Misto (£11).

Both were plated-up stunningly, then immediately dismantled and shared; with jerk fish fingers and vegan sausage rolls both highlights of a swappable smorgasbord of appetisers.

Perusing the options while nibbling on my third stick of tomato juice and vodka-imbued celery, I opted for the pot-roasted lamb shoulder with beetroot crisp and celeriac puree (£18), while my friend chose the butternut squash, mushroom and beetroot Wellington (£14.50).

The Watershed Brighton

With a mere nudge, the perfectly cooked lamb fell apart, and its plated companions were equally delicious. I can only assume the veggie Wellington hit the mark too, as looking up to ask I was treated to a smile and the emptiest of plates.

And while the desserts leaving the kitchen looked delightful, you’ll have to take the word of the patrons we asked, as we motored by them to lay our claim on the pontoon with the rain now having kindly retreated.

Sitting down, watching the boats drift by, and imbued with a new-found maritime sensation, I excitedly Googled ‘How much does it cost to buy a yacht?’.

The Watershed Brighton sunsetKnowing my bank balance, I should have really Googled ‘How much is a lilo?’, but the lapping of the waves beneath my feet reminded me I didn’t really need either.

We sat on that deck as the sun turned from yellow to orange, and then laughed until the moon showed up.

… And there aren’t many places round here I can do that, while getting to hear all three of my favourite sounds.

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