The Whiskey Affair Brighton

The Whiskey Affair coming to Brighton

Calling all whiskey lovers – novices and connoisseurs alike. Clear your calendars, The Whiskey Affair Festival is coming to Brighton.

The Whiskey Affair was founded when a group of whiskey-loving guys and girls decided they wanted to learn more about the liquor they all share a passion for. They believe that whiskey is more than just a drink: it deserves to be enjoyed, relished and discovered. And with six different types and hundreds of brands of whiskey out there, so it should be. If you are just as passionate about the renowned smooth drink as the founders of The Whiskey Affair, or if you’re only just beginning to express your curiosity on the topic, grab yourself a spot for The Whiskey Affair Festival.

The company describe their event to be “just like a beer festival – but for whiskey!” After their first festival in 2015 took place in London, a series of successful events followed in the next four years. Touring the south’s major cities – London, Southampton, Reading and Brighton – its huge success and popularity brings the festival back to sunny Brighton once again.

The festival will be split into four sections: worldwide whiskey, scotch, bourbon and cocktails, allowing attendees to personalise their experience to what they love most. The event will operate on a cashless system with the use of tokens, which ticket holders can purchase throughout the evening at the venue.

The Whiskey Affair Brighton

Festival goers are promised brands from across the world ready to sample, live music, a photobooth to capture the event, a range of cocktails for those who are less focused on the whiskey element and rarer whiskey brands for those hardcore whiskey fans. And who’s to stop you from bringing your favourite bottle home with you!

Various guest speakers and whiskey experts are expected to attend, ready to share their knowledge and expertise with anyone willing to listen. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to purchase a ticket, a free masterclass will be available to learn more about the subject – this time on Moonshine, which will surely be a treat for attendees.

The event will take place at The Old Ship Hotel on Sat 16 Mar from 1pm-5pm and again from 6pm-10pm. Tickets are priced at £9 per person and are available to purchase from their website. Please note: this event is strictly 18+.

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