Best of Brighton theatre – Oct 2017

Wed 4 – Thurs 5 Oct
The Old Market

Chris Lynam’s work ErictheFred is coming to The Old Market this October and is an mindful and unique piece that is sure to move audiences. The show is slightly eerie yet thought provoking, consisting of a comical performer; a clown and a heap of captivating original music.
During the story, told through mime, the enraged performer takes off his costume with a view never to perform again, this triggers an on set of emotions, but also presents the protagonist with new opportunities. His dreams now know no boundaries, he must remember, fall in love even and carry on with his life. Or possibly end it all…

Throughout the chaos that follows, Eric’s following moments are anything but ordinary. However, as most performers know, the show (and the clown) must go on.

Thurs 5 Oct
The Marlborough Theatre

Gender is more increasingly becoming a topic of talk, with the boundaries it creates for society being something more are hoping to break down. Interchangeable Bodies aims to explore the issue of gender, what it means to us as individuals and where these understandings come from. This performance will take its audiences back to primary school, the place where the majority of us really learn about gender and the labels and stereotypes that come with it.

The writer of Interchangeable Bodies has a view to use this play to tackle the subject of the status quo; something we all are guilty of too easily accepting. Questions will be asked and ideas explored, this is a place where there is no right or wrong, male or female.

Fri – Sat 14 Oct
New Venture Theatre

Antigone is based on themes from an ancient Greek play by Sophocles, having lived on until today in many shapes and forms.
In this historic tragedy civil war has destroyed city of Thebes and torn apart the troubled family of Oedipus. The rebellious Antigone defies Kreon, the new ruler of Thebes who is concerned with keeping his government strong and stable, by burying her traitor brother. This sparks a series of catastrophic events and a question of characters. Is Antigone a criminal or just a brave voice of reason? Is Kreon a heartless dictator or just a man balancing the needs of state and family?

Anne Carson’s colloquial translation of this classic brings the themes of the story, personal and political, into the present day a time where it all seems very much so relevant.

Sat 7 Oct
Brighton Dome

Fans of the classic 1992 musical comedy Sister Act starring Whoopi Goldberg will be pleased following the upcoming ‘Sister Act Live Choir’ tour presented by Amacoast Cinema. 25 years after the film was first released, there will now be a chance to experience it in a new cinematic and immersive setting.

The story follows a Vegas lounge singer, who after witnessing a murder at the hands of her boyfriend has to find solace in witness protection, so turns to one place she hopes she won’t be found – a Convent. The live choir will hold 35 gospel singers and a full band as they accompany on-screen nuns with live performances of songs from the film soundtrack. This show is sure to bring a wave of uplifting music and nostalgic experience to audiences across the UK.

Sat 7 Oct
The Old Market

Remote is a futuristic interactive game led by you. Imagine you are in a theatre of the future powered by an algorithm. REMOTE is focused on looking at the politics of choice and decision making in a world surrounded by material desires and infected with technology.

This unique theatre-game hybrid will have an audience that is simultaneously yourself… As well as playing yourselves, you will also be playing a character in which you are expected to make choices for her. The game is immensely engaging with a fun interactive script and a live responsive sound design. Have a taste future in all it’s technological glory in this unusual mechanical game where you are the main character.

Tues 17 – Sat 21 Oct
The Old Market

Of course, we all know Fame, and its back in Brighton for a revival by the Brighton youth Theatre Group. The widely loved 1980’s film and television series, which has come back onto our screens with various remakes and into theatres for a musical we can’t get enough of.

The story is set in New York City, where the final class of the High School for the Performing Arts are seen from their beginning to their graduation in a school where those who make the cut are woken to the hard work it takes to become a star. Touching on harsh, yet real topics of the real world, this is a touching story that continues to spark a love of all things theatrical for plenty of people throughout the decades.

Tue 17 – Sat 21 Oct
Theatre Royal Brighton

Rules For Living is a dark comedy that touches on the subject of societal norms and something many of us may know too well: family dysfunction, especially at Christmas. When an extended family gathers for a traditional Christmas dinner, their individual rules for living and coping strategies clash on this hectic day, as the drinks continue to flow and the family games intensify. We all know how a game of Trivial Pursuit can get out of hand!

Each character has their own individual and possibly too relatable traits portraying a funny, but realistic depiction of the modern family.
Following a critically acclaimed run at the National Theatre in 2015 starring Miles Jupp and Stephen Mangan, this tasteful and intelligent play is one to leave you laughing, questioning, and probably dreading Christmas.

Republica 13REPUBLICA
Sat 21 Oct
The Marlborough Theatre

Republica is a new performance inspired by the historical events that came before the Spanish Civil War, exploring Spain’s communist and anarchist coalition government in the 1930’s. This play is curious expression of the untold events that unravelled during the Spanish Revolution, including the bold ideals that came with it. A past that included the likes of libertarian socialism, state power elimination and community.

This topic is relevant again now increasingly as the world faces tensions between anti-austerity, far right movements around Europe and those who side with the left, politics becoming seemingly more divided than ever. Told by a flamenco dancer, a punk guitarist and a stripper, it demands we break the Pact of Forgetting, what more could you want from a story teller?

Tues 24 Oct
The Marlborough Theatre

A play, sure to be one of many, based around the man who has been the talk of the town since he dominated the U.S. Election: Donald Trump. A man who has angered many, not least the Church of Stop Shopping, a New York based secular political religion founded in 1999. These award winning anti-consumerist, Earth-loving activists are coming to the U.K to spread their word.

They are concerned with the likes of global advertising, multinational control, climate change and supermarket domination, organising boycotts and protests, mean while singing multiple harmonies.
If this is something that concerns you then this empowering play is for you and even more so if it doesn’t. The choir has opened for Neil Young, been produced by Laurie Anderson, and hosted a benefit for Black Lives Matter with Joan Baez.

Gyre&Gimble's TheHartlepoolMonkey RehearsalPhotos copyright The Other Richard 064THE HARTLEPOOL MONKEY
Fri 27 Oct
Connaught Theatre, Worthing

Puppetry and tackling xenophobia is maybe not two things you would generally put together, but the puppeteers who brought War Horse to life and co-designed the Lorax for the Old Vic production have made this happen. The Hartlepool Monkey tells the story of a ship wrecked off the Hartlepool coast where only two survivors remain: the cabin girl and the ships mascot, a chimpanzee in a military uniform name Napoleon.
The locals are terrified of a French invasion and unsure with what a Frenchman looks like, and this results in the chimp being put on trial on suspicion of being a French spy.

The story based on a 200 year old legend on the hanging of the Hartlepool Monkey, is a timeless production that explores the issues that arise around xenophobia and humanity’s ability to overcome prejudice.

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Thurs 5 Oct
The Marlborough Theatre

Fri 13 Oct
The Marlborough Theatre

Sat 14 Oct
The Marlborough Theatre

Fri 20, Sat 21, Fri 27 & Sat 28 Oct
Sweet Dukebox

Fri 20 -Sat 21 Oct
Sweet Dukebox

Mon 23 Oct
Theatre Royal Brighton

Tues 24 – Sun 29 Oct
Sweet Dukebox

Thurs 26 – Fri 27 Oct
The Marlborough Theatre

Sat 28 Oct
Theatre Royal Brighton

Sun 29 Oct
Sweet Dukebox

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