‘They are out there’, says The Clock Tower Sanctuary

As the evenings are drawing in, growing darker and colder as they days go steadily into the winter season, those out on the streets grow more scared, wary and alone. Local charity The Clock Tower Sanctuary, is launching ‘They are out there’ appeal with the aim to raise £20,000 to support the young homeless people out on the streets of our city this Winter.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary’s mission is to prevent vulnerable young people from becoming part of the long term homeless community. They intervene when possible to prevent the problems spiralling out of control. In 2016 alone, the charity provided 1,144 showers and 4,454 meals, 60 jobs were gained and 31 young individuals successfully secured accommodation. 

This year, the ‘They are out there’ appeal aims to help the young vulnerable people, some who are just 16 years of age get off the streets, offering them a shower, hot meal and a place to belong.

Brighton and Hove is seen to have the second largest homeless population in the UK. This terrifying, isolating and traumatic experience plays a huge factor on mental health. According to Crisis, forty-four percent of homeless people have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, as the impact of living and sleeping on the streets in excruciating on these young individuals, offering no security or stability. As Christmas draws closer, it is a painful reminder of what is missing, what they may have lost or never even had.

Frances Duncan, CEO of The Clock Tower Sanctuary is reaching out and urging locals of the city to “rise to the challenge and help us.” Even just a small amount of money can offer security and help for these young homeless individuals to have a sense of hope in these cold Winter months.

To help donate to these young people, head to www.thects.org.uk and find out about individuals stories and how through the help of the charity, they have overcome their homelessness.

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