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Things To Do In Brighton For The Adventurous

Nestled in the heart of East Sussex, Brighton is the perfect place for intrepid travellers and thrill-seekers to make great memories.

Whether you’re visiting for a few days or making the Brighton and Hove area your new home, we’ve got some great tips on how you can enjoy many exciting adventures and really make the most of your time in this beautiful part of the UK.

See The City From The Air

One thrilling way to view Brighton in a new light is to take a trip on the British Airways i360 Tower. Located on the seafront, this 162m high observation tower is a great way to see more of the city and its majestic coastline from the comfort of a futuristic, fully enclosed pod.

Ride In A Helicopter

Speaking of seeing Brighton from the skies, if you don’t want to take a trip on the tower but are keen to view the city from above, then consider taking a helicopter tour. These unique experiences are unforgettable and exhilarating for everyone, making them perfect for those who’ve seen it all and done absolutely everything.

Check Out The Nightlife

Brighton boasts a diverse range of bars, pubs and clubs to choose from, so consider going on a night out and really getting to grips with the local culture. There’s something for every type of reveller, whether you’re keen to sit around a cosy log fire or dance the night away.

Go Fishing

With a glorious beach and spacious marina, there are loads of places in Brighton and Hove to go fishing and bag yourself everything from mackerel to eels and beyond. If you live in the local area and want to go fishing regularly, then check out the fishing boats for sale in Brighton so you can go out and catch everything you want, whenever you want to.

Spend A Day At The Races

Horse racing fans will get a thrill from spending a day watching exhilarating races at this world-renowned racecourse. With a view out across the coast, the track is perfectly situated for those who want to enjoy a really unique day at the races.

Walk Along The White Cliffs

Dover is renowned for its white cliffs, but Brighton also boasts its own stunning chalk cliffs where you can see for miles and explore the British coast. Taking a walk along this beautiful scenery will give you the chance to see more of the area and experience the wonder of seeing these stunning cliffs in person.

Tour A Winery

Drinkers who want to see where their favourite tipple comes from and how it’s made will fall in love with the wide range of breweries and vineyards based throughout Brighton and Sussex. There’s something to suit everyone, meaning that you can explore these beautiful spaces and learn something new at the same time.

Travel On A Steam Train

Steam trains are incredible machines that make for thrilling forms of transport, so consider going on a steam train when you’re visiting Brighton. Sussex has a traditional railway line operating steam train journeys across the county, with trips from the city to a wide variety of quaint villages in the surrounding area. As such, you can make some unique memories during your time in Brighton when you ride on a steam train.

Bike Around The City

A great way to view any city is to cycle around it, and Brighton is particularly good for cyclists as it has expansive flat landscapes and lots of cycle safety initiatives to ensure that you enjoy a great cycling experience. You can use your own bike, rent one or even take a cycle tour of the city, depending on your preference.

Eat Like A King

Brighton boasts a wide range of fine dining establishments, so if you’re adventurous but don’t fancy exerting yourself then try eating a range of different gastronomic delights when you spend time in Brighton. Gourmets will adore the eateries on offer in this diverse city and marvel at the skill that goes into crafting the delicacies on offer.

Escape… From The Outdoors!

A unique experience, Operation Midfall is a creative outdoor escape game based in Brighton that is a must for thrill-seekers who want to enjoy themselves in the great outdoors. Traditional escape room games can be fun but also claustrophobic, so this creative version allows you to enjoy the best of these games while getting yourself out and about.

Take A Rancing Tour

A combination of running and dancing, rancing is a unique way to see the sights in Brighton and get active at the same time. This inventive tour takes you across the city’s coastline and beyond, meaning you’ll really be able to get to know Brighton while getting your groove on and indulging in your love of music and running.

Brighton is a great place to have fun and indulge in your passions, so use this list to make the most of your time in this naturally stunning seaside city.

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