Tiny Striker: World Football Review

In today’s market of mobile gaming, I find it harder and harder to pick games I like. But more than that, games I actually want to keep on my phone for more than 3 weeks after I’ve downloaded it. So far, I’ve got Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Alto, and now I’m happy to say, Tiny Striker: World Football, a free-to-play, addictive game from Brighton based studio Fat Fish Games.
How this little football game manages to keep my attention is beyond me (I hate sports) but I find myself playing it almost every opportunity I get.
Established in 2011, Fat Fish Games develops rich and engaging social game experiences for iOS, Facebook and Android platforms. Some of it’s popular titles include Bubble Heroes, Tiny Goalie, Tiny Touchdown, Tiny Tennis and QuBe.

Tiny Striker World Football - Weather
“This is our first Tiny Sports game to carry a new 3D perspective. We’ve taken what made our previous 2D Tiny Striker game so appealing and added a variety of depth, including: a league-based level structure, the ability to boost and customise your Striker and share your match highlights to other players around the world, on Striker TV. If the main game wasn’t already addictive enough, Tiny Striker: World Football boasts a wealth of content to keep you engrossed throughout the whole season.” said Anthony Barker, Creative Director at Fat Fish Games.
Another great feature of the game is that the controls come easily. Draw a straight line and your player will give you a straight shot, or draw a curved path and the football will follow. My advice would be to really go for the gold coins on the field to collect extra in-game currency as well as those timers to freeze the gameplay and get a few extra goals in.
Besides playing matches, players are also responsible for managing your own training and performance which can be boosted by getting the best footwear! These are limited but they are great for those tough weather conditions and to give you a little bonus on the field. As you level up the quality of boots available increases to match the challenges you’re facing.
If you’re not ususally drawn to mobile sports games, like me, I would definitely give Tiny Striker: World Football a shot!

Free to download on Android and iOS now.

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