Classy Bridal Shower

Tips on How to Throw a Classy Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an entirely distinct occasion from a bachelorette party. From theme to the guest list, a bridal party is a more formal event where all female family relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are invited to celebrate the bride-to-be.

So, how exactly do you plan a sophisticated bridal shower? Here are tips that you’ll find helpful along the way.

Choose a fabulous venue

Choose a venue that will set the tone for your event. A bride-to-be is the centre of attention on this occasion, so make sure to pick a place that she will love. For example, you can reserve a private function room at her favourite fine dining restaurant or rent a garden venue or a private resort if she loves the outdoors. Choosing the right venue will also help reduce costs on decorations, as their existing decor is already doing most of the work for you. If you are unsure about selecting the best venue for a bridal shower, you can find options at

Include all her favourites

As the name suggests, a bridal shower is an occasion where a bride will be showered with gifts in anticipation of her new life as a married woman. Besides actual gifts, ensure that her favourite things are incorporated into different party elements. For example, you could serve her favourite dishes, cocktails, and colour. In addition, you can use her favourite film, book, or other characters in the theme and decor of the venue. If you have a long list of guests, it is best to seek the help of a party planning company to organize the different aspects of the event. As the main organizer, you must ensure all the crucial details are relayed to the event planner for a smooth and worry-free event from beginning to end.

Do not forget the appetizers

Instead of hosting a sit-down meal, you may opt to serve appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, and finger foods instead. This will make it easier for guests to go around and interact with fellow guests. In addition, it is recommended to work with a local catering company that incorporates local produce and seasonal ingredients into its menu to ensure the freshness and quality of the food. You may also arrange for charcuterie boards in different areas of the venue and an open bar for the bridal shower. In this way, guests have more freedom in choosing the food they want to eat and less waste at the end of the party.

Find a statement piece

The key to a posh bridal shower is a unique and elaborate feature that impresses guests. For instance, you can ask a florist to create an oversized flower bouquet that matches the theme or a stunning balloon arch that will welcome guests to the venue. Having one statement piece will look more elegant than having too many conflicting decors all over the venue.


Planning a bridal shower may seem like a complex task to accomplish when you have limited time. But with a well-thought-out plan and an event planner by your side, you’ll end up pleasing the bride and all the guests in attendance.

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