Tips on Recovering from the Brighton (or London) Marathon

Brighton Marathon comes to the streets of Brighton & Hove on Sun 9 April. Starting off in Preston Park, thousands of participants will be running along the 26-mile course through one of the UK’s most vibrant cities. Every good athlete will tell you, an event of this nature requires a holistic approach to preparation.

Pedro Aunion Therapy MarathonPedro at Aunion Therapy Studio (right, at Brighton Marathon 2016) has given us a range of essential tips to get help you recover effectively after completing the distance.

Here’s a number of key points to remember when running a marathon.

  • Rest
  • Nutrition
  • Rehab
  • Training
  • Running

Pay equal attention to each of these points, and you’ll have no trouble running 26.2 miles. But what you do after a marathon is just as important as your preparation. The following plan will help you to recover faster and return to training quickly.

Immediately post-race

  • Try keep your temperature up, keep walking. Your heart rate gradually drops, the circulation diverts back to its resting state.
  • Eat something 30-60 minutes after running.  Bananas, energy bars, sports drinks, fruit, and bagels are all good options.
  • Have a shower or a bath, and finish by rinsing your legs with cold water. The days after you should do temperature contrasts, four minutes the hottest you can withstand then four minutes at the coldest. Do this twice, before finishing with cold water.
  • Pedro wouldn’t encourage having an intensive massage straight away, instead leave this for a couple of days after the event. You can still have a super light one, which will help fluids run better and calm down any swelling.
  • So after that the best you can do is REST.

Days after.

  • Contrast immersions and stretching every day.
  • Be sure you are supplying your body with enough fruit, carbohydrates, and protein. Of course, keep drinking plenty of WATER!!!! Drink, drink and keep drinking.
  • After the third day, you can resume running, but take it easy. Run super slow, covering  2-5 miles max.
  • Now you can get a deep tissue massage and/or a post event sports massage.
  • Pedro highly recommend adding acupuncture to your treatments. This will create an enormous difference, ensuring a faster recovering with a more precise approach to your trigger points if you have them.
  • After that gradually you can recover your training rhythm.
  • And don´t forget that stretching is a long-term process. So, don’t forget to do it every day! Don´t give up!!

Good luck!

Aunion Therapy Studio is at 32 Baker Street, Brighton.
Throughout April they are offering all Marathon runners the following offer:
15 minute sports massage £10 (normally £18)
50 minute sports massage £40 (normally £65)
Valid throughout April. One offer per person.
Discount applied on presentation of your Brighton or London Marathon medal!

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