Surprise party

Tips to throw a truly special surprise party

Celebrating a special occasion is something we all love to do. Whether you are bringing family together for a special anniversary do or teaming up with friends to mark a milestone birthday. Throwing a great party is always a fantastic idea.

When you want to go the extra mile, a surprise party is the perfect way to show someone you care. Keeping the party a surprise can be difficult though. From setting up to inviting guests, we run down our top tips on throwing a truly special surprise party.

Send those secret invites

Guests are usually the surprise party’s downfall. People can ruin the surprise, intentionally or not. A slip of the tongue can reveal all your plans to the person you are surprising.

Keep numbers small for surprises. It is less likely that someone will spill the beans if they are less people invited. Be explicit with the people you do invite and make sure everyone understands it is a surprise.

Leave blabbermouths until last. If you are inviting someone you know cannot keep secrets, tell them at the last available moment to avoid exposing your plans.

Plan the perfect party

Plan your surprise down to the last detail to avoid any mishaps. It is essential to make a list of everything you will need for the party, timings, guest list and location.

With all this information at your fingertips, you will be able to buy what you need and plan the logistics of the event. It is important to have an accomplice when you plan a surprise party. Pick one person close to the event that you can trust to help you organise it.

Set up in secrecy

Think up a good excuse or use your accomplice to distract the surprise while you set up. Avoid rousing suspicion and make the distraction as normal as possible.

Get to the venue in good time so you can get set up. Blowing balloons, arranging flowers, and hanging up celebratory banners and bunting can take time. Make sure you have everything you need at the start. Then, set about creating your vision.

Execute the surprise flawlessly

Make sure the party starts without a hitch. Ensure all your guests are arriving before the surprise is due to arrive. It will get the party flowing too and ensure a lively environment when the special guest arrives.

Practice what everyone is to say. Will it be “surprise” or “happy birthday.” Make sure everyone is on the same page. Get your accomplice to escort the guest of honour to the party. That way you can delay them by text if anything is running behind.

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