Together let’s transform the future of young lives in Brighton – Volunteer with Action Tutoring

We’ve all been children and most certainly know the importance of receiving learning support growing up. Every child deserves access to tools and resources to learn effectively and obtain the pass grades to progress beyond primary and secondary levels. You can help Action Tutoring provide this support.

One of the ways to improve a pupil’s knowledge is by providing additional academic help outside the classroom. Support tailored to fill the learning gaps they may have. However, not every child can afford additional academic help because of the cost of private tutoring.

One in four children in the classroom is disadvantaged. The attainment gap between them and their non-disadvantaged peers is at its widest in ten years, worsened by the pandemic. Many children from low-income families are unable to get the additional help they need to pass their grades to get into further education or employment.

You hold the power to give disadvantaged children a better life.

Help minimise the risk of children slipping through the net and into unemployment. With your support, disadvantaged children will gain improved subject knowledge, confidence, and increased life chances.

Join us in our mission to close the attainment gap by volunteering either in person or online for at least one hour each week to support a child’s learning. Previous teaching experience is not required to volunteer. All resources and training to support pupils will be provided.

We work with schools to identify pupils from low-income families with learning needs. With the dedication of our diverse pool of volunteers, including university students, corporate employees, and retired professionals, aged from 18 to 84, we provide academic help in English and maths to disadvantaged young people.

We’ve transformed the outcomes of thousands of disadvantaged children across the UK and can do more with your help. 

Together, let’s secure a better future for every child in and around Brighton. Volunteer with Action Tutoring today.

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