TOMtech’s astonishing Doom Room installation not for the faint hearted

VR Lab runs from 4 – 7 October.

Tickets for all VR events are £15, with some £5 tickets available for young people as part of the 16/25 scheme. For more information and tickets, visit:



Experience a 45-minute emotional rollercoaster as you dive into the world of TOMtech’s Doom Room.

As technological advancements seize the spotlight in the 21st century, this ever growing field allows the human mind to acquaint themselves with senses and emotions that are abnormal to the daily routine. The Doom Room is a testament to such technology, using virtual reality (VR) equipment to fully immerse the audience in a boundary-defying experience. This production entails a blindfolded guided meditation where you are transported to the afterlife. One at a time, a blindfolded audience of six enters a room. Here, through VR, they embody a hunter with a bloody heart in his hand. You will go through a range of emotions and spaces throughout your time in the room, travelling through constructed realities of hyper sensuality and suspension.

The geniuses behind the production are TOMtech, a catalyst programme that bridges the gap between performing artists and creative technologies. Run by The Old Market (or TOM for short), the independent venue in Hove commissions work such as the Doom Room as they feel, in doing so, it provides an education to people about the skyless limits technology has on art installations. TOMtech are always questioning what their role as a venue will be in years to come. As future technology develops at exceeding rates, the art industry must stay afloat and keep up, and administer a key role in this medium.

Starting on the 20 Sept – 30 Sept, The Doom Room will be running 12 sessions a day. You MUST be over 18 years old to attend. Tickets are £15pp, and can be bought via The Old Market Website.

PLEASE NOTE: This experience comes with trigger warnings which include:

  • Violence
  • Death, including suicide
  • Blood and organs
  • Dead animals
  • Underwater submersion
  • Sharks
  • Body contact
  • Nasua
  • Heat
  • Heights
  • Unknown fluid consumption
  • Nudity
  • Strobe Lights

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