#TOMtech returns to Brighton’s The Old Market

Think avant-garde, think cutting edge, think Black Mirror. Oh yes, #TOMtech is just around the corner and ready to shake up your psyche.

The Old Market launched #TOMtech in 2014 and invited artists to explore the snowballing effect technology has on our world.

How will the essence of art and culture be captured in the future with technologies constantly revolutionising? Well, #TOMtech is back in September to give you a taste of our foreseeing digital future.

Immersive virtual reality – quite literally, an immersion into a parallel world. forget the real world, forget your identity, forget your life, and prepare to delve into a world of imagination, adventure and exploration.

This is what The Old Market’s VRLAB has in store for you – one of the UK’s biggest showcases of immersive tech. This year, the lab is taking the plunge and orientating its theme around how audiences can share a VR experience together.

But it doesn’t end there. If you think you can hack another mind-blowing whirlwind, then brace yourself for Choreocracy. The ultimate interactive show that fuses dance and technology and puts you in the driver’s seat.

It’s a unique collaboration performance put together by Record-Breaking dance artist Tim Casson and BAFTA award-winning Digital Artist Seb Lee-Delisle. Seb and Tim will be your guides and using the latest mobile technology, you will have the power to control three highly skilled performers to dance.

No experience is required, just your willingness to decide what you do or don’t want to see, what the performers do next, and to voice what you think would make an entertaining show.

And FYI, there has been talk of a rainbow laser…

Next in line, The Justice Syndicate.

Get your drama hats on, this is a piece of experimental theatre in which you’re the jury and you must connect the dots. So how will you vote?

Let’s paint the picture. A top surgeon is accused of a serious crime, but a conviction would mean planned operations will not go ahead and the evidence is far from conclusive. So, get ready to take part in the ultimate test which trials how we behave towards preconceptions and how our decision making may or may not be influenced when being part of a group. Watch yourself shape your thoughts into actions as you make the final vote.

And last but far from least, #TOMtech brings you Fatherland.

This show integrates live motion capture and VR in groundbreaking mixed-reality theatre, which gets the audience involved as well.

Picture this – Wayne is an angry white man. He works at Walgreen’s, lives along with his incapacitated father, and wants to fire Esperanza, their Mexican carer.

Frustrated, Wayne concocts his own conspiracy theory about why his father is ill – a theory that involves Mexican witches, giant pharmaceutical companies, and the neighborhood crows.

Where do you come into it? Well, Fatherland wants to show you how we steer reality, the impact technology has on our experiences of the world, and how some things in life cannot be captured.


#TOMtech comes to Hove’s The Old Market on Tues 17 – Fri 20 Sept.

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