Top 6 things to do when staying in Brighton and Hove

Top 6 things to do when staying in Brighton and Hove

If you are heading to East Sussex, then you need to get to the city of Brighton and Hove. It’s two cities in one that combine to make an amazing seaside resort, and there’s a lot to do between the two settlements. If you are looking for some of the best activities to do in both cities, then you are at the right article!

  1. Explore Brighton Pier

Of course, one of the most memorable things that you can do in Brighton is to go to the Brighton Pier. Once you wake up from your hove bed and breakfast and get yourself out the door and down to Brighton, take a morning walk along the pier.

This pier is at the top of the things to do in the south of England, and you are going to find a lot of activities along the boardwalk. You can find fairground items and rides, rock candy sticks, and a beautiful environment along the wooden pier and the ocean. 

  1. Take A Walk Around The Lanes

While everyone loves to window shop, you won’t be able to resist buying a few things at the Lanes. This is one of the best shopping experiences in Brighton, and it is filled with over 400 shops and restaurants that are all crammed into a maze of alleyways. It can be very fun to walk around the alleys and just browse or play a scavenger hunt to look for the one or two items you know you really need. 

However, you do need to make sure you are looking thoroughly, because if you can’t find the items you want in the Lanes, then you might not be able to find them any other place aside from the Brighton Flea Market!

  1. Pay A Visit To The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters are about 40 minutes away from Brighton, and they are well worth the jaunt as you can head to the coastline and find the Seven Sisters Country Park and cliffs. You’ve got several spots for beautiful views overlooking the coastline, as well as well worn country paths and also lighthouses overlooking the sea.

Just make sure to remain a safe distance from the edge, and all will be fine. Some of the cliffs aren’t as strong as they look and you don’t want them crumbling underneath you. 

  1. Keep Up Your Love Of Heights With The Brighton i360

If walking the cliffs with the Seven Sisters wasn’t enough for you, then you might need to go even higher, and there’s nothing higher than the Brighton i360. This massive observation deck is 120 meters (394 feet) high, and it only costs 15 euros to get up high and see the city from above. Plus, there are dozens of events and classes and other things you can get into that are hosted at the Brighton i360, and most of those events will even get you into the tower for a cheaper price or even for free! If you really like going up high and trying to get the full view of the area, this tower is the highest point!

  1. The Brighton Open Air Theater

The Brighton Open Air Theather (BOAT) is a theater that can seat over 400 people, and it runs a theater showing from May to September. The shows can include classic theater, comedies, Shakespeare, and family productions as well. It also comes with a full stocked bar, is surrounded by trees, and comes with picnic spaces and other comfortable seating options as well. 

If you are the type of person who loves to watch open air theater and wants to spend some warm days and nights on the soft grass, then you might want to get on the BOAT and head to the Brighton Open Air Theater.

  1. The Hove Museum and Art Gallery

This is a bit of a hidden gem, but if you are looking to have some fun and explore the history of Britain and the history of Hove, then you might want to see what the Hove Museum and Art Gallery has to offer! There’s a jewerly collection, an entire exhibit on toys, and various other changing exhibitions. To add to all of that, entry is free and the staff is friendly!

You Won’t Run Out Of Things To Do

If you have made your way to Brighton and Hove, you’ll be exploring two locations for the price of one, and that means you won’t run out of places to go and adventures that they have!

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