Brighton Palace pier

Top 7 Things to Do in Brighton

Brighton is a top destination for many tourists who decide to visit England. Don’t confuse Brighton with Brighton Beach in New York. These two are opposite regions, yet they still share several similarities. Whether you’re going to Brighton in England or Brighton Beach, you will enjoy nice views of the water and different entertainment, including casinos. Nevertheless, if your trip is approaching, make sure to check our guide to know a thing or two about Brighton before you travel there.

#1 Get Acquainted with the Coffee Culture

When people hear about England, they rarely think about coffee. Usually, tourists go for fish and chips or craft beer. However, if you are a coffee enthusiast, Brighton is one of the best places to be in England. There are dozens, if not thousands, of different coffee shops. Arguably, Brighton is the coffee paradise of England. So we recommend taking your time and exploring all options available to you.

#2 Enjoy Fun and Legal Online Casinos, Slots and Gambling

If you are someone who likes adrenaline and playing for real money, England is a good place to do so. Online casinos are legal in England and thus Brighton. Therefore, we recommend you to check out the best PayPal casino once you finally decide to go to Brighton. It may not seem like the most entertaining act on the list, but Brighton will have plenty to offer you if gambling is illegal in your country. We especially recommend slot machines.

#3 Take A Look Around Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton is one of the best places for water views. If you go to Palace Pier, you will see several similarities with the views of New York and even San Francisco. In any case, it is a stunning and gorgeous place, perfect for a quick stroll, a lunch on the water, or even a run. Besides, there are many cute shops and other tourist attractions.

#4 Learn More About Marine Biology at Sea Life Brighton

There is no better place to learn more about marine life than at Sea Life. It is one of the oldest and the biggest aquariums in England and possibly in Europe. It will be especially perfect for people who don’t want to take a dip or dive into deeper waters. Instead, you can enjoy local marine life from a safe distance and through the glass. Additionally, you can also have a nice dinner and enjoy food and views. With that being said, try going to this aquarium on a weekday. Otherwise, it will be very busy.

#5 Take a Trip to the Lanes

If we had to describe the Lanes, we would probably use the first couple of scenes in the Harry Potter movies. This district does look like a fantastic and magical town. It is specifically famous for its narrow streets and rather old-fashioned architecture. You do feel as if you’re in an actual movie from the previous sentry. This place is also perfect for shopping and enjoying more of the local culture. You will be instantly drawn to exquisite smells and tastes offered by local restaurants.

#6 Discover Era — Paradise for Antique Lovers

No trip can be perfect without proper shopping or looking for different knick-knacks. Era region will do its best to satisfy your hunger for antiques. There you will get everything from smaller items to furniture and even unique works of art. Everything your heart desires will await you. But you also have to think about transportation. Even though the prices in Era are very affordable, if you travel from the United States or even Europe, it will be quite pricey actually to transfer all your new belongings to your home.

#7 Get to Know British LGBTQ+ Capital

Even though pride month finished in June, you can still have much fun in the famous LGBTQ+ district. You can even say that Brighton is the LGBTQ+ capital of England. Moreover, to have an even better and more immersive experience, we also recommend you to take a tour. There are quite a few options available. It will take you to the best LGBTQ places. Naturally, this tour is full of rainbows, smaller bars, local attractions, and so much more.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are planning a trip to Brighton, you have dozens of different attractions in front of you. The best way to start is simply to stroll around the city, go to the local cafés and later venture to have the best water views near the local pier. Once you have done that, don’t forget to enjoy the rest of your trip and do some proper shopping. It is arguably one of the best places for hunting some antique pieces and bargaining with local sellers. Lastly, don’t forget to book a tour or two to maximize your time there.

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