Wilblood and Queenie © Hannah Sherlock

TRAUMFRAU – Brighton’s queer dancefloor hosts International Women’s Day Party

Wanna celebrate women being kick-ass, the days getting longer, the clothes getting skimpier, the energy returning to our bodies, nature blossoming, and everyone being generally very queer? Now you can.

On the 11th of May we are throwing a party. For International Women’s Day!

Traumfrau and FilmPride are celebrating International Women’s Day with a special event on Sat 11 March at Brighton’s Ironworks Studios.

Brighton’s iconic Traumfrau are celebrating International Women’s Day with combined film event and party. The evening will begin with a screening of short films featuring female-identifying filmmakers and stories, alongside a selection of International films curated by FilmPride. 

This will be followed by one of their legendary parties across three rooms, filled with DJs, live performances, art and play. Wildblood and Queenie, Brighton’s queerest disco dears, deliver exactly what it says on their glittering tin. All things disco and divine with an eye on their queer house music heritage. Never guilty treasures, always blissful baselines and hands in the air anthems. Just how we like it.

There’s also a neurodivergent friendly and sober art room, for resting, screen-printing, making and recuperating, for those who don’t really like loud music, need plenty of breaks, or prefer softer lighting. Room Three enables you to drink and lounge, have your portrait take in their ‘vulva boot’, encounter some creatures or even drag up. 

Silent Pride

Three rooms for dancing, sweating, art-making, and celebrating.


BBG – Brighton-based collective of non-binary, trans, women, queer and gender non-conforming DJs take us on a bassy and breaksy electronic music journey.

PrincessPersia – PrincessPersia’s Party Poppers will provide heavy techno, trance, and Eurotrash bangers with a sprinkle of hyperpop too.

dj.Stockport – 25% donk, 25% techno, 25% booty, 25% garage, 100% bootlegs. Dropping some right stinkers on the dance floor.

Wildblood and Queenie – Brighton’s queerest disco dears deliver exactly what it says on their glittering tin. All things disco and divine with an eye on their queer house music heritage.

I Am Fya – local DJ, artist, and musician, I Am Fya plays electronic and experimental music from the African diaspora and the global queer community. Mixing in jungle, Afro/tech, dancehall, tropical beats, hip hop and avant-pop.



A sober room designed with neurodiversity in mind, this art room is both a rest space, a magical experience, and an art making workshop!

Local artist Lucy Jefferys is bringing screen-printing, and art supplies. You bring your ideas!


Drink and lounge, have your portrait taken in our “V” booth, encounter some colourful creatures and drag up!

Gem Divine – get to know Gem Divine, a small brown clown from Brighton town. Combining burlesque, drag, clowning and a glittery grin! She’ll show you that clowns do in fact need love too!

As always we start EARLY – doors open at 9pm – so you can spend the whole evening with us!
Tickets selling fast!

When: March 11th
Where: At Ironworks Studios – BN1 4GD
Time: 9pm-2am
The not so small print (Accessibility/Covid safety/Event Info): HERE

Tickets: HERE

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