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Travel inspired interiors to add to your home

Written by Freya O'Malley

The world has become increasingly interconnected, and travel has become more accessible than ever before. The thrill of exploring new cultures, vibrant landscapes, and captivating architecture stays with us. However, not everyone can embark on endless journeys. With work and family commitments and the rising cost of living, we’re lucky if we get to board a flight once a year. 

Take the adventure home with you

When I do get away, there is one thing I love more than sipping a Pina Colada on a sun lounger – finding local markets and stores selling goods made by artisans from the area or unique vintage pieces. The variety of materials, techniques and colours are usually a million miles from what we find at home. 

Pre-empting holiday purchases is not normally top of the agenda when packing to go, and squeezing items into already jam-packed hand luggage is not the best way to end a trip. If you remember to take a spare bag, that’s great, but also bigger items can usually be shipped home by the seller. Or, you can simply take home the inspiration. Sites like Etsy are a great resource for purchasing items from across the globe from people who have set up reliable shipping routes straight to your door.

By infusing our homes with elements inspired by our travels, we can create a space that encapsulates the spirit of adventure and provides a daily escape. Just be careful not to overdo it; our homes should make us happy and memories of these moments are wonderful. However, you don’t want to find yourself in a homage to your gap year from 15 years ago!  

Inject your memories into your home

There are many ways to inject inspiration from past travels into your home. Displaying pieces you’ve collected is an obvious one, but you can also bring in colour inspired by the places you’ve visited or textures, fabrics and materials you discovered on trips. Pickleson Paint Co. offer a huge rage of travel inspired colours. Cheeky Tan (pictured below) is a direct colour match to the colourings on Patchos, their Greek rescue dogs fur. ‘The colour has all the warmth of a Cretan sunset and immediately makes us crave a slab of Moussaka and an ice-cold Mythos.’ With every order of Cheeky Tan, Pickleson Paint Co. will donate £10 to the The Souda Shelter Project, helping find safe and loving homes for rescue dogs.

Pickleson Paint – Cheeky Tan

Some other subtle ways to incorporate your travels, could be printing and framing photographs from trips, buying a bed spread, cushion covers or other accessories that bring pattern and texture to your home. Small additions like this bring a unique style to your home making it more individual and personal to you.

Remember to still be practical

Be careful not to get carried away though and ensure you love what you’re bringing into your home and will compliment your lifestyle when you’re not globe-trotting. For example, sitting on cushions around a low table sipping fresh mint tea in Morocco won’t necessarily translate to a city centre flat. Be selective, imagine how these purchases will fit into your life back home and then sit back and enjoy.

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