Travel tips for the lone explorer


This is the response all solo travellers have almost definitely heard at least once.

The thought of exploring the places you’ve always dreamed of going, working entirely to your own agenda and doing everything you want when you want sounds ideal – but how are you realistically going to achieve this with a group of friends in tow?

Even the most likeminded friends will be forced to compromise on some aspect of their trip, and when it comes to satisfying our wanderlust we’re all a little selfish aren’t we?

Welcome to solo travel, the perfect solution to all of these problems, except so many people are reluctant or out-right refuse to do it.

Another thing I’m used to hearing is, “I’d love to travel, but I’ve got no one to go with.”

This excuse is fairly understandable for those who only require a few weeks away lounging by a  pool in the Mediterranean, but if you recognise the feeling of touching down on home ground and immediately Googling where to go next, then you can’t wait around.

If you still feel too daunted at the thought of travelling completely on your own, group tours are a great introduction to solo travel.

Booking a holiday like this means you still have the freedom to choose your  own agenda by selecting a trip that fulfils all your travel wishes, and you’ll be in the company of other likeminded travellers. This eliminates the sometimes terrifying process of attempting to befriend strangers in youth hostels, relieves stress as your itinerary and transport is all sorted and included in the price of the trip.

Solo travel is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people from all corners of the globe, explore the world on your own terms, boost your self-confidence and experience real independence.

So… what are you waiting for?





The truly unique culture of Japan makes it one of the most exciting countries to visit. The hospitable and exceedingly polite locals make trips here a dream and its lively capital Tokyo is considered one of the safest cities in the world.


It may cost a few pennies but its volcanic hot springs, geysers and mesmerising Northern light displays more than make up for it. With a population of just over half a million, crime is practically non-existent in this Nordic nation.


Unlike it’s American cousin, violent crime in Canada is extremely rare particularly in popular tourist spots. Whether you go for the skiing, shopping, hiking, National Parks or even grizzlies you’ll feel welcomed by the Canadians, famed for their endearing politeness.


Half the world away in the Pacific Ocean lies these  extraordinary islands. Famed for its adventure sports that lure adrenaline  junkies from all corners of  the globe, New Zealand also features white, sandy beaches, beautiful wildlife and Hobbiton itself.


Listed as the safest country in Central America, Costa Rica’s democratic republic has enjoyed political stability for many years.  It is also a advocate for ecotourism and the lush greenery, turquoise plunge pools and exotic wildlife will melt every heart.


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