Travelling Sober: Five Top Tips To Guide You Through It

Travelling Sober: Five Top Tips To Guide You Through It

We all know travelling can be a truly enriching and life affirming experience, and there are many countries and cultures globally that we just click with, potentially changing our outlook on life forever.

However, for some people it can be a tricky period, particularly these days when addiction levels are rising and more people are looking to get past the likes of alcohol and drug addiction to get their life back to a level of normality.

For many, normality is going travelling and experiencing new cultures. But it isn’t quite as simple when you are in recovery and you’re jetting off sober for the very first time. In fact, it can often be an adventure too far and can lead to relapse. That said, there are ways in which you can navigate travelling sober and have the enriching and life affirming experience you so desire. So to do exactly that, here are five top tips for navigating your first sober trip…

Plan Ahead and Research

Preparation really is key and before you head off on your trip take the time to research the destination thoroughly. This will allow you to identify potential triggers, and either avoid them or have an effective coping mechanism in place to ensure you don’t relapse.

Build a Support Network

We all know how important support networks are at home in recovery, while the same applies when you’re elsewhere too. Having a support network on standby can be incredibly important and be there for you during potential times of need. That may be friends and family back home, who you can phone, or you may want to find local community groups such as AA, so you can go to meetings and stick to your regular home routine.

Connect with Local Sober Communities

In fact, it may be that you reach out to local sober communities before you go. They’re always incredibly supportive and not only will you be able to go to meetings, but you may also be invited to sober events and gatherings as well as be given guided tours of the city by like-minded people. It’s certainly a great way to see all the best sober spots!

Stay Mindful and Present

It’s important to stay mindful and in the present at all points while travelling. Take part in activities that can empower that, such as meditation, yoga and the likes of walking or exercise. This will allow you to stay focused and have strategies in place should any cravings or triggers arise.

Focus on Self-Care

Finally, take care of yourself. In recovery times are different. You can’t necessarily jaunt from place to place, living on no sleep and wearing yourself out. This can lead to poor mental health and potential relapse. Instead, ensure you break up your journeys and get enough rest.

Eat nutritious meals, stay hydrated and take care of your body and your mind. Things like journaling, reading and practicing a hobby can help with this, while setting time aside to just chill out and relax can be crucial. Do that, and you’ll not only have a great time, but you’ll potentially feel rejuvenated as a result when you get home.

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