Fatto a Mano

Try Hove’s best restaurants with this new food trail

Of all the food and drink spots in Brighton & Hove, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know where to socialise. Well, you can try the best restaurants Hove has to offer via the Hove Food Trail on Thurs 6 – Sat 8 July. Founded by David Toscano (Cin Cin) and Chris Henry (Brighton & Hove City councillor 2019-2023), this year is the trail’s debut. However, it is intended to become an annual event. The trail is ultimately a celebration of the “vibrant and varied food and drink brands that make Hove an ever-growing dining destination”.* 

Participating restaurants you can dine from over the two days include Cin Cin, Nostos, Wild Flor, Slam Tacos, Fatto a Mano, Fourth & Church, Fika, Carne, Ginger Pig, and Rockwater. Cin Cin is Hove’s award-winning Italian neighbourhood restaurant serving seasonal small plates, handmade pasta, and refreshing wines. Fika offers quite a different vibe with brunch burgers and impressive fried egg sandwiches. Rockwater is the go-to spot to feel as though you are at an exclusive beach club. Immerse in the atmosphere of luxury dining with sea views. Each of these restaurants are extremely well acclaimed for their own sense of character and flavour. They make for a fantastic menu to this experience. 

To join the trail you need to buy a ticket then collect a map from one of the participating restaurants. From there, book directly from the restaurants you want to visit to purchase the dishes exclusively available on Hove Food Trail. Tickets are available at hovefoodtrail.com/trail/*. 

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