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Turkish Airlines First Class – review

Being founded in 1933, Turkish Airlines was only the part of the Department of the Ministry of Defense of Turkey under the name Public Administration of Airlines. Later In 2009, the airline became the best airline in Southern Europe according to SkyTrax. And, in 2010, the airline signed sponsorship agreements with FC Barcelona and FC Manchester United. which be itself speaks about the airline’s popularity and success. Nowadays the airline performs flights on 287 directions connecting about 113 countries and landing & servicing its planes in Istanbul.

The company often provides discounts on the least popular routes and readily cooperates with airline consolidator companies like Cheal First Class that provides tourists from around the world with the cheapest first-class flights to and from Turkey. This airline carrier has one of the biggest passenger fleets and performs flights on such transportation giants like Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320/321-200, Airbus A330/330/340-200, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800.

The passengers of the first class get the whole range of amenities that are not often offered to all other classes. These are separate reception, passenger seat selection, separate waiting room with a personal phone, fax, television, music, prints, and free meals, boarding behind economy class passengers, special baggage handling, special tags, 30 kilograms of unpaid baggage allowance, outer wardrobe, a welcome drink (champagne and orange juice) that is served right after boarding, hot towels to relieve fatigue, aperitif, hot food with a choice between 2-3 dishes, wine, coffee, tea, sweets, cognacs, liquors, entertainment during the flight – cinema, music, and other.

Moreover, Turkish Airlines has numerous code-sharing agreements with over 40 other carriers allowing its passengers to travel with even greater comfort in cases of unpredicted situations. Being the Star Alliance partner, the company provides its passengers with the greatest reliability and solely qualified services provided by aviation experts. The onboard comfort of cabins can compete even with the most luxurious five-star European hotels.

Booking cheap tickets for this flying miracles is more than simple. What you need to register for a flight in such brilliant conditions not paying the full demanded price, customers have to visit the Cheap First Class website and indicate their flying data like name and surname, age, destination point, desired onboard amenities like a posibility to transform the seat into a sleeping bed, or the chance to take a shower when waiting for your departure in a lounge.

Thanks to numerous partnership agreements with Turkish Airlines and many other comfortable first-class airlines, CFC provides the most convenient prices and dates for the international flights when passengers need to fly in business or just for pleasure during the vacation. After indicating personal information and data relating to the desired flight he customer will be contacted via a phone call or email and be informed about the available suitable flight that meets all the requirements demanded.

Passengers of the first class in Turkish Airlines have a perfect chance to experience the most comfortable flight in their life with services that beat all records. Even hotels can’t boast by the equal servicing level. Fly high with Cheap First Class and discover the world with pleasure.


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