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Tuesday 20th December, Sky Max

It’s a Christmas show, but not as you’d recognise it. Armed with smudged make-up, a bad attitude and some awful decisions, Billie Piper gives us another welcome helping of this feckless black-comedy. Former child pop-sensation turned actress Suzie Pickles has a new agent and a new PR. She also has a new job dancing for likes on Dance Crazee, a reality competition which dominates Saturday nights. With an estranged best-friend and ex-husband only complicating matters, Suzie battles to regain the British public’s love. Can she navigate being a new role as single mum and restore her reputation? And will her personal life continue to spiral out of control? 


Friday 2nd December, Netflix

What could possibly have ended the tight-knit, 30-year friendship of Tully and Kate?  Hopefully we’ll find out what happened to the ‘Firefly Lane Girls Forever’ in season two of this drama as it hops between the 70s and present day. But first Kate must grapple with the painful aftermath of Johnny’s ill-fated trip to Iraq. Tully faces a lawsuit after walking away from her talk show, and must now start her career over from the bottom. This leads her to search for answers about who she is and where she comes from — including a quest to find the father she never met, against the wishes of her secretive hippie mother.


Friday 2nd December, Apple TV+

Following a disparate team of British intelligence agents, this darkly funny espionage drama returns a second season. Our unlikely heroes have all ended up in a department of MI5 which is little more than a dumping ground – due to their various career-ending mistakes. Led by their brilliant but irascible leader, the notorious Jackson Lamb, they navigate a confusing world of smoke and mirrors in a desperate bid to defend the realm. When some Cold War secrets come to light, and Russian sleeper agents are reactivated, the occupants of Slough House must get their heads back in the game and race against time to avert a major catastrophe.


Monday 5th December, BBC One

The final season of this BBC and HBO adaptation of Philip Pullman’s masterpiece moves on to his The Amber Spyglass book. There’s an epic battle coming, as Lord Asriel begins assembling an army to take on the shadowy Authority. The greatest from every world are to risk everything in the fight against tyranny. On a more sedate note, Lyra is back with her mother, Mrs Coulter. But they’re on the run from shadowy religious organisation the Magisterium, with their leader orders her brought in “dead or alive”. She also needs to find out what happened to Roger and Will’s father. Will the Land Of The Dead offer an answer.


Wednesday 21st December, Netflix

Quoi De Neuf? Get ready for another dreamy slice of awkward culture clashes and brilliant friendships. Lily Collins returns as Emily Cooper in this sweet Emmy-nominated drama. One year after moving from Chicago to Paris for her dream job, our protagonist finds herself at a crucial crossroads in every aspect of her life. Faced with two very different paths, Emily will have to decide exactly where her loyalties lie — at work and in her love life — and what those decisions mean for her future in France, all while continuing to immerse herself in the adventures and surprising twists and turns that life in Europe’s most romantic city can provide.


Wednesday 21st December, Amazon Prime Video

We were a bit sniffy about this small screen outing for the iconic intelligence officer, especially as Jim from The US Office was taking the title role – leading us to robustly label it ‘Dunder Mifflin, World Police’. But John Krasinski has proved he can kick ass with the best of them, bringing a genuine weight to the action. Now season three of this brilliant spy-thriller sees Ryan hunted by both the CIA and an international rogue faction which he has uncovered. Forced to operate in the shadows, he must race across Europe to prevent a massive global conflict and hopefully stay alive in the process.


Thursday 22nd December, Netflix

A listless, jobless and videogame-obsessed young man suddenly finds himself in a strange, emptied-out version of Tokyo. He and his friends must compete in dangerous games in order to survive. In this strange world, Arisu meets Usagi, a young woman who’s navigating the games alone. Together, they set out to unravel one mystery after another as they risk their lives and confront what it means to be alive. Based on a brilliant survival and thriller manga, Alice in Borderland is directed by Shinsuke Sato and stars Kento Yamazaki (Kingdom, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K) and Tao Tsuchiya (Library Wars: BOOK OF MEMORIES, Mare).


Episode 4. Hanad Abdi and Faysal Ahmed in "Little America," premiering December 9, 2022 on Apple TV+.
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Friday 9th December, Apple TV+

inspired by the true stories featured in Epic Magazine, Little America explores the funny, romantic, heartfelt and surprising stories of immigrants who’ve made the United States their home. Written and executive produced by Lee Eisenberg, this anthology series go beyond the headlines at a time when these personal histories are now more relevant than ever. It celebrates tales which are universally huma and emotional, each episode dramatically re-enacting a beautiful and inspiring journey from a different part of the world, which should resonate with people everywhere. Powerful, empathic and sharply executed, it cuts through the static at a time when immigration has become a polarizing political issue.

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