Best new TV – Oct 2017

RiverdaleRiverdale, Season 2
Thurs 12 Oct

After the popular Season 1, the American teen high school drama is back and darker than ever. Based on the Archie Comics, ‘Riverdale’ season 2 will see fiercer drama, stranger happenings and unjustified trauma. With the town still mourning the death of high schooler Jason Blossom, nothing seems the same in the town. With Archie still the favourite high schooler, the summers events have made him question following his fathers career, wanting to pursue a career in music. The season will see Archie struggling with his friends, and love triangles forming between Archie, Josie and with new student, Veronica. Riverdale may seem a small, quiet town but there are dangers around the corners. It’s not one to miss if you’re a lover of teen dramas and thrillers.

Red Dwarf XIIRed Dwarf, Season XII
Thurs 12 Oct

The 1980’s British science fiction comedy show is back and funnier than ever. The boys are back for a twelfth season of ‘Red Dwarf’. And for the first time, the rest of the crew understand what it’s like to be Kryten when they’re all arrested by Mechanic Intergalactic Liberation Front. Also, they discover a ship where criticism is illegal and one other where there is a cure for pure evil. With friction amongst the crew, The Dwarfers are required to choose between one another when the ship’s machines revolt also… The season can see humour, friction, trauma and a whole lot of fun for all the old-school Red Dwarf fans.

LoreLore, Season 1
Fri 13 Oct
Amazon Prime

From the executive producer of The Walking Dead and the executive producer of The X-Files, this anthology series is based on Aaron Mahnke’s podcast series. ‘Lore’ uncovers some extremely psychologically frightening real-life events and stories, through archive and narration, animation and disturbing scenes. It reveals some of the horrifying truths surrounding some beastly creatures, like Vampires, Werewolves, and many more scary happenings in the past. If you enjoy being up all night too scared to sleep then it’s one to look out for. Although it’s not one I’d like to watch alone…

Walking deadThe Walking Dead, Season 8
Mon 23 Oct

A drama based on the black and white comic books by Robert Kirkman, the zombie-apocalypse series ‘The Walking Dead’ is back with another 16 episode long season. It’s shown to have all of the familiar characteristics of the seasons before… We can expect trauma, heartache, death, and of course, zombie invasions and a whole lot of blood and gore. With everything you would expect and more, with a war continuing to disturb the peace amongst Rick and gang. With a war continuing to disturb the peace amongst Rick and gang, the new season has everything you expect and more. If you love all things zombie related, gore and madness, then watch out for Season 8. And if you haven’t seen any of the previous seasons just yet, get watching before this one comes out on the 23rd!

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