A Quickie with… Twilight Driving

Brighton-based Indie-Pop outfit Twilight Driving have just released Between The Sheets, another heartfelt, story-driven piece of music, which incorporates liberal amounts of Americana and 80s influences into their well-crafted aperture of pop.

Previous release When Love Goes Wrong saw support from BBC Introducing in the South, Sofar Sounds and led them to perform alongside the likes of Valeras, Arcade Heart, Submariner and many more.

Latest track Between The Sheets is a cutting-edge indie-pop offering, uplifting 80s inspired synth melodies taking it to anthemic status. With lyrics addressing the systematic difficulties involved in interpersonal relationships told through a distinctive harmonious voice, the track builds towards a euphoric crescendo reminiscent of The Killers’ When You Were Young.

BN1’s George Hutton spoke to the band, to find out about their influences and love of playing live.

Has your writing style changed at all between the last single and this one?

We’re seeing our song-writing progressing after every single we put out. The more writing we are doing together the more cohesive the songs are becoming. We have a lot more songs in the pipe line that we are really excited about.

The band’s name captures the unique and tranquil feeling of driving at night. Do you feel like your music captures that feeling? Is it something you have tried to emulate through writing?

To some degree we do have the band name in mind when writing, which does help shape the sound we create. All the instrumentation comes together to create a certain ‘mood’ for sure, and adding relatable, honest lyrics brings home the open-top road trip vibe.

Were you pleased with the reaction to your last release and the opportunities it gave you?

We are so happy with all the love we have received from this release, it really seems to have hit people a lot harder than we could ever have imagined.

There is a bit of an 80s quality to your production sound and some of the instruments. Is this an era that resonates with you particularly?

We were listening to a lot of ‘Born In The USA’ Springsteen, Gary Numan and Depeche Mode and more modern bands like The War On Drugs at the time when we first started writing together. We suppose this subconsciously pushed us towards the sound we are creating for ourselves. We must admit though we have a lot of 80’s guilty pleasures on our playlists.

You say ‘Between the Sheets’ is about “Not having enough time for each other…making time to spend with the people we love and how life comes between us”. This is a personal theme but also a universal one. Is it challenging to strike this balance between intimacy and relatability in songs?

Starting to write songs that are personal is hard to begin with but the more people react to the music we realise we’re doing something that’s impacting on their lives. Honesty when writing is always the best way to go, even if it’s tough going.

Which local bands have you enjoyed playing with/supporting the most? Was there one which influenced the way you yourselves perform at all?

We’ve played a few shows with Orchards and we love those guys, they have so much energy on stage. The Hungry Mothers and Martha Gunn are also some of our favourite bands we’ve played with, but there isn’t a specific way we have been influenced to perform, we just love to have a good time on stage and we hope that transfers across to the audience.

The new single has a great chorus with a singalong vibe. Is this anthemic quality something you are striving for in your songs?

We’re all drawn to big songs from big artists in the band, which inevitably will start to wear off on us when writing. We don’t consciously write big choruses, but they fit our vocal style and they really make us tick.

Your lyrics often have a retrospective, storytelling element. Are there any artists who have particularly influenced this approach for you?

Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Father John Misty to name a few.

What is your favourite venue in Brighton, in terms of performing and attending shows?

The Hope and Ruin has to be our favourite venue in Brighton, we’ve definitely played our favourite shows there.


Twilight Driving’s Between The Sheets is available now


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