Brighton’s art scene sees double with Two Faced Twins

“Seeing double”

Two Faced Twins create bespoke art for modern, minimalist homes. The twins are making waves with their intricate illustrations and large-scale pieces. The Brighton and Hove pair collaborate using their artistic differences to create unique art which cannot be produced individually.

They often work with pen, gloss paint, diamond dust and digital editing tools, which are thrown together to create eye-catching, bold, striking work.

The twins design artwork specifically for each room of the home, by producing abstract drawings of classic, household items. Together, they add large amounts of gloss paint to the drawings, giving them a dramatic shine, which stand out and really makes the artwork pop.

Each piece of original art is hand-illustrated by Stella. Graduating from university with a degree in Illustration, Stella is a talented illustrator. One of her favourite things to do is to draw a mundane object and turn it into something fabulous! Gem is a textile designer and is highly skilled in digital art. She creates fantastic colour and pattern in the designs. They combine their opposing artistic skill-sets to make something truly special.

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