Ukrainian National Opera comes to The Hawth

For the first time ever the Ukrainian National Opera is touring the UK. This includes a visit to Crawley’s The Hawth with Aida on Mon 27 March. Coming all the way from Dnipro, Ukraine, this opera company features an impressive cast. They are also accompanied by a large live orchestra of over thirty musicians.

This staging of Verdi’s classic features brand new settings and fantastic costumes. Also expect exquisite singing and wonderful tunes that you will be humming to yourself all the way home.

A powerful opera with breath-taking melodies, Aida brings ancient Egypt to the stage with an evolving love story set against the backdrop of war. The Princess of Ethiopia and an Egyptian General fall in love, just before he is chosen by the king to lead the war with Ethiopia – forcing Aida to choose between her lover or her father and her country.

For more information on the Ukranian National Opera live, go to:

To discover more arts this spring, make sure you check out the Brighton Festival programme of events.

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