United We Stream Brighton returns for week 7, on Thurs 30 July – Sun 2 Aug 2020

United We Steam Brighton Week 7 celebrates Brighton Pride

United We Stream Brighton continues to showcase some of the city’s best local artists and venues to help raise money to keep the city’s nightlife alive.

On Thursday they link up with their friends United We Stream Asia to support a special stream. This weekend would have been Brighton Pride, where people from far and wide come to celebrate and unite for love. Although gay rights have globally become more liberal with more and more countries recognising same-sex marriage, homosexuality is still illegal in Malaysia, talks and events about gay rights are constantly dismissed. Every Pride, or whenever public conversation turns to the subject of homosexuality, Malaysians who are LGBT fear for their lives. That’s why we are supporting the LGBTQ community in Malaysia and fight for their rights, raising awareness and giving them visibility!

On Saturday to mark the Brighton Pride weekend United We Stream Brighton  have a special takeover from Revenge with sets from Arthur Hutchinson B2B Bertie Clarke with your favourite pop anthems, house anthems with Jack Reddy, disco vibes on the roof terrace with Toby Lawrence and special drag performances from Daphne, Lydia L’Scabies, Rb From Finance, Tayris Mongardi.

Continuing the Pride theme on Sunday they welcome guest streams from UWS Bremen in Germany mixing music and fashion with three sets filmed in a clothes shop with Stefan Tews, Rria and Randel Stone.

UWS Brighton continues to grow with over 850,000 views, showcasing Brighton’s talent to the world and reminding us of all the venues wghich are closed and we are missing during this time.

The music will continue over the coming weeks including more bands, so keep an eye out on their website and social media pages for the upcoming line-ups. Acts to look forward to include; Mystery Jets, Penelope Isles, Flyte, Bess Atwell, Electric Soft Parade, The Wytches, Egyptian Blue, LIME, Otzeki, Ebi Soda, Speelburg, CLT Drop, Skinny Milk, Wax Works, comedien Jess Robinson and many more!


Thurs 30 July: United We Stream Asia
2pm: Shagrilla with JonnyVicious feat. Carmen Rose
3pm: Kumela Kumsluk
4pm: Cik Teh Botol
5pm: Just Acne

Sat 1 Aug: Revenge Takeover
7pm: Arthur Hutchinson B2B Bertie Clarke
8pm: Jack Reddy
9pm: Toby Lawrence
10pm: Daphne, Lydia L’Scabies, Rb From Finance, Tayris Mongardi

Sun 2 Aug: United We Stream Bremen
7pm: Stefan Tews – UWS Bremen, Germany
8pm: Rria – UWS Bremen, Germany
9pm: Randel Stone – UWS Bremen, Germany

A movement that started in Berlin during lockdown that has spread to over 66 cities around the world, United We Stream Brighton continues to showcase the music, culture and free-thinking rainbow infused spirit to viewers at home, whilst raising money to support the city’s nightlife, cultural organisations and charities.

The idea is for locals as well as people around the world to enjoy and experience Brighton’s music, art and culture through the website and social platforms. United We Stream Brighton is free, but with donations welcome, and all proceeds will go to support night-time economy businesses and cultural organisations across Brighton & Hove as well as contributing to the fight against homelessness and the vital work undertaken by the Grassroots charity and Audio Active.

Please donate what you can, to raise money for Brighton’s nightlife, cultural organisations, charities and the fight against homelessnesss, at: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/brightonunitedwestream

United We Stream Brighton comes to any internet-enabled devices on Thurs 30 July – Sun 2 Aug 2020. Watch the live stream and find out more at:

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