Upcoming Shows and Events at Otherplace

Otherplace at the Basement has a number of upcoming comedy shows and workshops over the next few weeks. Starting the 30th Jan, Otherplace at the Basement will be hosting the following:

30th Jan: A Decade in the Headlights (featuring Angela Barnes, Colin Hoult, David Jordan, Aidan Goatley, Laura Frankland (formerly Muggridge), Joe Bolland, Romesh Ranganathan amongst others) – COMEDY

31st Jan: musical comedy show Kitten Killers – COMEDY

7th Feb: Edward Aczel: the random flapping of a butterfly’s wings – COMEDY

16th Feb: Chi Sci – WORKSHOP

18th Feb: Who Dunnit? with Think Forensic – WORKSHOP

19th Feb: Laughable (featuring James Acaster, Iain Stirling, Quint Fontana and Fin Taylor) – COMEDY

19th/20th Feb: All Things Wet & Wonderful – KIDS & YOUTH

20th Feb: Brad Gross: We Live in Space – KIDS & YOUTH

20th Feb: How The Victorians Ruined the World – COMEDY

21st Feb: Complexities Of Modern Existence – CABARET

24th Feb: This Could be Fantastic – COMEDY

25th Feb: Dominic J Marshall Trio – MUSIC

26TH FEB: The Science of the Paranormal – EVENTS

27th Feb: Rabbit in the Headlights – COMEDY

28th Feb: Off the Cuff & Friends – COMEDY

For more details including start times and booking information for any of the upcoming shows, visit Otherplace at the Basement’s website

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