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Upcoming weekend courses from West Dean college

In an ever-busy world full of never ending ‘to do’ lists, so many people are looking for the time and space to quieten the mind, reflect and let go. Driving into West Dean you are immediately captured by the breath-taking scenes of the South Downs. The sheep peacefully graze on the land and specks of purple and white lightly dot the grass as snow drops and crocus appear. Whilst the environment at West Dean is special, so are the courses. Keeping traditional crafts alive, learning from other cultures and being sustainable are at the heart of West Dean College. The short courses allow you to really take the weekend off – paint, print, sculpt, sew, forge or carve and if you want a completely immersive experience, stay the night.

Upcoming weekend courses at West Dean include:

Jewellery making – beginners | 13-14 May

Pottery weekender- | 20-21 May

iPad Procreate – drawing landscapes | 27-28 May

Greenwood spoon carving | 10-11 June

Interior Design – the power of colour | 17-18 June

Bookbinding – a set of notebooks | 2-3 September

Sustainable screenprints with natural dyes | 16-17 September

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation is located just north of Chichester. To see all the creative short courses on offer visit

Check out Cygnet Arts school for the little ones to get arty too!

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