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Vaping: What’s Behind Its Rising Popularity?

Over the past ten years, you may have noticed people been putting away their cigarettes in favour of vape devices. But why? It’s becoming more popular than ever and looks like it’s in not way slowing down.

If you were to go on a walk in your town right now, I’m sure you’d see quite a few different vape shops around, the demand for them continues to grow. If you’ve found yourself on this article with no knowledge about what vapes are, then you should do a quick catch up before we continue.

If you’re familiar with vaping, then let’s dig into it. The rise of vaping primarily came from people’s desires to quit smoking, and whilst that’s still primarily true, it could be argued that it has evolved past that. Vapers and vaping have almost become Its own subculture.

The Sub Culture

As previously mentioned, there is a subculture forming over the topic. There will be terms and language used that you won’t be familiar with unless you’re a part of it. For example, the sentence, “I need a new mod to help my juice drip”, won’t mean too much to most but if you’re involved then you know that ‘mod’ refers to the attachments you can add to your device, such as batteries. Whereas ‘juice’ simply means the e-liquid that you apply to your vape to give it the flavour and contents. ‘Dripping’ is similar and is the process of applying the juice into the coil of the device.

Vapers will go crazy for all the different flavours too; you could speak to one asking about what type of flavours there are and you’ll be having that conversation for a while. You can read up on what’s actually inside these juices easily too.

You may have noticed smoke clouds when some people vape, this is usually a personal choice. When you have some devices, you can edit the power of them and how much is consumed at once. This has led to some putting it up as high as possible to create these clouds and even create ‘smoke art’ with them, such as creating giant O’s with their smoke. There are even competitions within the vape industry for this.

The Swap From Smoking

A classic way most people get started with vaping is from trying to quit smoking. It’s been recommended for a while that a good way to ditch cigarettes and nicotine is to take up vaping. This is because it is considered cheaper and better for you as you aren’t burning the tobacco leaves into your mouth, instead, it’s a process of oil in a device so it’s not inhaled as much.

When you get started with vaping, you can choose the amount of nicotine within your e-liquids, and over time you can slowly reduce this amount without feeling any major effects. Eventually, you can even have e-liquids with no nicotine in, whilst still enjoying the flavours.


We mentioned a bit about e-liquids earlier, but to understand the popularity of vape liquid we have to look at the flavours that are bought. You can view products at online vape shops to see what variety there is these days. Sites such as My Cigara offer a range of flavours and types of e-liquid, which you can buy quickly and easily and have delivered to your door.

But in essence, flavours can be something as sweet as doughnut and bakery flavoured e-liquids or something fruity such as strawberry or cherry. Almost all popular fruits have an e-liquid made after them. With vaping, it seems to be if you can dream it, you can make it.

Vape Accessories

There are a variety of different elements to vaping. It’s not as simple as buying the device and cracking on with it. As well as getting the stick and various e-liquids from your vape shop. You can also grab different attachments and accessories. Some of the most popular ones to pick up include

  • Batteries
  • Replacement glass and coils
  • Battery chargers
  • Cleaning cotton
  • Silicone cases
  • Mesh wires
  • Even tweezers

There are more things you can get too, the deeper you go into the internet the more options you see, I would stay on the more legal side as you don’t want to damage and warranty you may have.


A great way to make vaping seem more personal to use is to design it to match you. Some people like to customise their device to have their favourite colours on or even their own name. Some go further.

You can see inspiration for customisation if you’re stuck for ideas. You can really do anything with it now, from shaping it to look like a furnace from the 1800s to making it look as futuristic as the year 3000.

Be warned that extensive customisation taken away from vape professionals may end up damaging your device and could cause injury, so ensure you speak to employees at vape shops before undertaking any personalisation.

Health Warning

Vaping is not without its risks. It’s important to do your own research about vaping to know all the facts and if in doubt, speak to a medical professional.

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