vegan junk food in brighton

Nine places for no-guilt vegan junk food in Brighton

When someone says “vegan food”, the first images that come into your mind are usually green, nutritious meals and uber-healthy dishes. But over the last few years, there’s been a demand for vegan options that fulfil our desires for wholesome comfort food. A variety of places have popped up with a new wave of indulgent food that manages to stay animal product free. If you’re looking for somewhere to get a fix of the best local vegan junk food in Brighton that is as good as it is bad, here are some of our favourites.


Beelzebab, The Hope & Ruin

This devilish kitchen at famed Brighton venue The Hope & Ruin sells a range of gourmet hot-dogs. Chilli dogs, loaded fries and seitan kebabs are available, and the entire menu is vegan friendly. If you’re looking for a real (faux) cheesy, meaty option, this is a perfect spot.

The Bok Shop, East Street

The Bok Shop are known for their brilliant twist on fried chicken, and all their burgers can be made vegan, swapping in faux chicken with cauliflower covered in their signature spice blend and sourdough rolls. They’ve got traditional burgers but also have more adventurous choices like satay, Thai and chilli specials. Add that to chilli coconut marinated starters and a side of fried pickles, and you have a winner.

Happy Maki, Pool Valley

Is this the most ambitious cross-over event of the 21st century? Sushi meets burritos at Happy Maki, who have won awards for their work at festivals but do just as well here in Brighton. 100% vegan, available for delivery, and even have student discounts on offer.


Cornish Pasty Shop, Gardner Street

This gem of a café does some of the most satisfying, hearty pastries and cakes you can find. We love their vegan sausage rolls (which are filled with stuffing and sundried tomatoes) but they also have Mexican, Thai and wholemeal pastries going. They also do a 2-4-1 happy hour before closing up at 5.30pm.

Wai Kika Moo Kau, Kensington Gardens

The creatively titled Wai Kika Moo Kau is a great little spot for grabbing breakfast or lunch on a day out. Vegan shakes and smoothies can be paired with wraps, bagels, burgers and all-day full breakfasts. If you turn up before 11.30am you also get your pick of pancake stacks and toast.

Befries, West Street

Fries and dip have been mastered at this local favourite chip shop. Double cooked fries come cheap here, and you get a choice of nine vegan dips and counting, including their hit basil mayo. They do take-away jars for their best selling dips, and keep an eye out for their vegan nights where they do extra snacks and desserts.


Boho Gelato, Pool Valley

This ice cream micro-factory and shop boasts over 400 (and counting) rotating flavours, with 24 stocked on any given day. They stock sorbet, vegan ice cream and none of their cones include animal products. Keep an eye out for the legendary vegan peanut butter and sea salt caramel scoop – it will change your life.

Glazed, Ditchling Road

Donuts are truly for everyone, thanks to one Brighton bakery. Glazed do handmade vegan donuts right next to The Level and are also available for delivery. From choices like peanut butter to hibiscus and lemon, there’s something for any fan of doughy treats. A perfect combo with coffee for the perfect wake-up call.

Nowhere Man, Upper North Street

Lovers of pancakes will want to check out this neat spot. Full of 70s décor and retro fittings, they offer an incredible selection of pancakes, all of which can be made vegan or gluten free for an extra pound. Banana pancakes and compotes are also available, along with juice and hot drinks.

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