Video Affects – One of a kind film nights with Jason Bick and Jak Hutchcraft

Join these two Brighton-based documentary filmmakers on the third Thursday of every month in East Street Tap to talk about all things film. 

Jason Bick produced 20,000 Days on Earth for Nick Cave and Jak Hutchcraft produced the Right Here, Right Now documentary for Fatboy Slim. Both have a background in music and film-making so expect light and fun conversion with superfans, directors, filmmakers and crew. Where they will be discussing weird theories to cult classics, video activism, behind the scenes on movie sets and Hollywood hidden pleasures. Jak adds in more detail of what to expect from the guest speakers, who will be showing a combination video clips, presenting on the mic, answering questions from the audience, live interviews as well as talking about their work, passions and what they love about film. Don’t forget there’s also a mini film quiz in the interval between speakers to get stuck into!

Jak and Jason are conscious of having diversity, it’s important when talking about anything, age, gender, race, sexuality but also diversity with what they are talking about and what their experiences are in the film industry. That’s why we’ve got someone who works in film journalism, we’ve also got people making films and a programmer and film lover who works at Lewes Depot cinema. Within that variety, judging on my other night, Sound Affects, there is magic in it, things emerge that make it a unique night and that I think a lot of people will find that interesting.

Before this event was created Jak has been running a sister event called Sound Affects at the East Street Tap since the start of 2023. Jak said to put it simply, it focuses on music and subcultures, we have musicians, photographers, journalists, authors, film makers and just everyday music lovers. Jason came along to one of these events and fell for the night, after a post-gig chat the idea came, just the same as we geek out about music we thought we could geek out about films. So the initial genesis of the idea didn’t take much thought, but then trying to choose a line-up and make this its own thing took more time, soon after Video Affects was born. Jak also stated the importance of community and how that prompted him to start the event, “I like the idea of bring people together, its their night, it belongs to them and at Sound Affects the same community was formed and so I would hope the same welcoming community will grow around Video Affects.”

The first event will be held this Thursday the 19th of October, Doors open at 7pm with the event starting at 7:30pm. Guest speakers include Iain and Jane the directors of Nick Cave’s classic Brighton based noir doc ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ they will discuss the project and the path to its creation. 

Before that, the co-founder of the ever so lovely Depot Cinema in Lewes; Robert Senior will present a talk on the overlooked genre of 1950s Italian cinema. Followed by Hanna Ines Flint a film journalist, critic, co-chair of the Time’s Up UK Critics Committee and author of ‘Strong Female Character: What Movies Teach US.’

The following month on November the 16th there will be Matt Shea an award winning documentary filmmaker and presenter, who has previously worked for Netflix, BBC, Channel 4 and Vice. His most recent Documentary on Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed the World? Is out now on BBC. 

To contrast, the guest speaker after Matt is Jade Ang Jackman, award winning director whose work focuses around movement, martial arts and action. Her newest film Young Hot Bloods is about a suffragette self-defence jiu-jitsu group fighting back against police brutality and sexism. There is a third special guest speaker to be announced.

Follow @VideoAffectsNight on Instagram for updates on upcoming guests, all venue info and ticket links.

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