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Virtual art show to screen amazing artwork straight to your home

A unique virtual art show featuring two local artists is set to be hosted on Thursday, 7 May.

Like most businesses, the prevailing pandemic has directly affected the creative industry. With the large-scale suspension of art galleries and most exhibitions, several artists have decided to present their work through a different medium.  

The V-Art Show, conceived by a group of artists, offers art collectors the chance to connect with their favourite artists and discover new talent. The gallery will exhibit eleven artists demostrating a diverse range of mediums, such as painting, mixed media collage, digital and sculpture. 

Through a video conferencing app, Zoom, you will be able to virtually meet eight emerging artists and chat with them about their latest collection of artwork. It will also be possible to wander within the virtual show moving to different zoom rooms, each with a unique artist. 

This exhibition seems to be a genuine attempt to find new ways to share, communicate and connect during these difficult times.

Jana Nicole, a Wilmington-based mix media collage artist and a recipient of the Jury Award from the Salon Des Beaux Arts will be a part of the exhibition. 

Gary Mansfield from Brighton, a former convict turned professional artist who received a Fine Arts degree in prison, is also one of the artists in the show.

This first of its kind virtual exhibition, with an incredible line up of local and international artists, will be open from 7pm-10pm on Thursday.

You can log on to their website during the given time. In order to attend the show, you need to have access to Zoom. 


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