Voices of India looks back at The First World War

Over 100 years the story of India’s role in the First World War has been gradually forgotten. Now a major international conference seeks to bring to life the diverse voices and experiences of those from India affected by the conflict. Open to interested parties of all kinds, this one day event come to Brighton’s Old Courtroom on Sat 21 Nov.

It asks how have Indian soldiers and their families have been represented in memory, literature, media and official records, and how they can or should be remembered and viewed a century on? Participants can discover the thoughts expressed by soldiers in letters home, listen to astonishing sound recordings of soldiers in German prisoner of war camps, and find out about extraordinary individuals such as Sophia Duleep Singh, Maharajah’s daughter, suffragette and nurse.

Brighton’s Royal Pavilion was converted into a military hospital during the First World War and used to care for Indian soldiers wounded on the Western Front.

With tea/coffee, an evening reception at the Royal Pavilion and free entry to the Royal Pavilion with audio guide on days adjacent to the conference, speakers at the conference include:

Rana Chhina, Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research, USI of India

Dr Prabhjot Parmar, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada

Dr Santanu Das, Kings College,

Kamila Shamsie, author (A God in Every Stone)

Anita Anand, broadcaster (Any Answers, BBC Radio 4) and author (Sophia, Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary)

The UK Punjab Heritage Association

Dr Heike Liebau, Centre for Modern Oriental Studies, Berlin

Kevin Bacon, Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove

For more information and booking details, please visit here.

Voices of India comes to Brighton’s Old Courtroom on Sat 21 Nov.


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