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Walking Aids 101: How to Use a Rollator Like a Pro’ in 2023

With the Summer months fast approaching, the likelihood of going on a Summertime jaunt is increasing by the second, meaning it’s time to dust off the old rollator! As those with mobility issues understand, a walking aid can provide stability, support, and a renewed sense of independence.

Yet, with new advances in design and technology, getting to grips with rollators can be difficult, so it might take a little practice before you’re using it like a pro’. But, if you’d like to get a headstart – you’re in the right place because, in this article, we outline several tips for using a rollator like a pro in 2023.

From taking regular breaks and keeping alert while using it to accepting help when needed and maintaining good posture, whether you’ve got a rollator and wheelchair combo’ or a three-wheel rollator, these transferable tips will have you using your rollator like a pro in no time, allowing you to reap the freedom and independence it provides – keep reading to find out more.

Take Regular Breaks

Whether your goal is to walk down your road and back or complete two circuits of the park, don’t feel discouraged if you start to feel tired halfway (or even quarter way!) through your walk. So long as you try your hardest, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete your goal (or even if you complete it!).

Don’t let your pride hold you back from taking a break when you need it, as overexerting yourself will only lead to more harm further down the line. Instead, it would be best if you aimed to take a break before you need it so that you feel refreshed and ready to continue your walk after you’ve rested.

Providing that you have a rollator that doubles up as a perch or wheelchair, you can pull over somewhere quiet and catch your breath for a few moments. A rollator and wheelchair combo like the ones from Rollz makes it easy to stretch your muscles and provides a place to rest when you need a well-deserved break.

If you don’t have a rollator with a built-in seat, consider visiting their website to learn more about their product range, benefits, and customer reviews. Or contact them directly for specific inquiries, and see how they could help you get better with using a rollator today.

Adjust Your Rollator

Rollators aren’t one size fits all! So don’t be surprised if you order one and it arrives looking smaller (or bigger!) than expected, as everything can be adjusted to fit you in minutes. So before you step out the door, conduct several checks on your rollator to ensure that no adjustments need to be made to make it more comfortable to use.

The primary checks you’ll want to make are its height, if the brakes work correctly, and if it works in different positions, but this all depends on the rollator you’re using. If your rollator includes a carry-all, you might also want to adjust what you carry on your walk.

For instance, if it’s over nineteen degrees outside, you might not need that umbrella and raincoat you tucked into the carry-on a few months ago. Instead, you might want to take some suncream, a bottle of water, and a light cover-all, as this will help you better prepare for your walk and ensure you’re not lugging around heavy weather-specific accessories.

Watch Your Posture

Depending on your individual needs, having a good posture is essential for various health reasons. Yet, when people start using a rollator, it can be easy to slip into bad habits that encourage a terrible posture, such as leaning too far to one side or too far forward or putting too much weight on the apparatus.

Instead, it would be best to focus on all the elements that promote good posture, such as keeping your head up, avoiding rounding your shoulders, not hunching over, and engaging your core. With these in mind, before you set off, you should ensure that you are balanced and that your hands are in an excellent position to grip the brakes if needed yet not too loose.

While resting some of your weight on your rollator is okay, you should avoid relying too much upon it, as this can cause it to deteriorate prematurely. Instead, it would be best to practice engaging your core which will help you keep the most of your weight in your legs and ensure that you’re not using the rollator too much as a balancing aid.

Remain Alert

Just like you would while running, cycling, or jogging, it is essential to remain alert when using your rollator to ensure you don’t get caught off guard by potential hazards. Whether it’s a group of children running into your path or an upcoming dropped curb, it is essential that you keep your eyes peeled for changes so you pre-empt how to deal with them. You can do this by making eye contact with people, moving out of the way of potential hazards, or reducing your pace, all of which can make it easier to spot you and prevent dangers.

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