Ways to increase takings in your pub business

Ways to increase takings in your pub business

Times are hard for many hospitality businesses up and down the country in the aftermath of the pandemic.

However, it’s been tough sledding for many pubs for much longer than that.

With changing attitudes towards drinking, incomes falling, and a prevalence of cheaper options from supermarkets, pubs have lost regular customers and are being forced to close at an alarming rate.

If you own a pub, you may well be feeling the pinch. The cost-of-living crisis has hit potential patrons’ pockets and seen your costs rocket at the same time, so you might need to think creatively if you want to keep the tills ringing.

Upselling opportunities

Upselling is a classic retail tactic and involves you offering a deal to customers as a way for them to increase their overall spending.

An easy way to do this with your pub is to offer discounts around things like food and drink. Someone may only plan to make a short visit and pay for one drink but, if they can get that drink for ‘free’ when they purchase a meal, you benefit from a higher return.

Hosting space

If your pub is split up into multiple rooms or sections, you may be able to rent out a portion of your space to host events.

Birthday parties and wedding receptions are commonly held in pubs but you may also benefit from a rolling agreement to host a weekly club. You may need to check the terms of your pub’s insurance before you commit to this.

Spread the news far and wide

If you want to get new customers through the door to boost your coffers, you’ll stand a much better chance of doing so if you make some noise about what’s on offer!

Social media is a great place to get your business’s name out there. The best part about it? It’s free! There are all kinds of clever tips and tricks which you can utilise on social media to get people talking about your pub and hopefully paying a visit in the near future.

Carve out a niche for yourself

“Oh, that’s the place that makes those amazing cocktails.” Word-of-mouth advertising is ­– almost literally – priceless for any hospitality business.

In order to earn recommendations from your customers, you’ll have to do something to really set tongues wagging. You could go all-out cheese by hosting a raucous karaoke night once a month – just be sure to wipe down the tables after everyone has been dancing on them!

Distribute an events calendar

Quiz night, curry club, offers when the football’s on – these tactics are proven crowd-pleasers in pubs for a reason.

Use your newfound social media skills to spread the word about when all of these events are on, and you may well find that people flock to you when they know in advance that something to their taste will be happening.

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