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Ways to Make Flying from Airports More Enjoyable

We all love to travel, but certain aspects of it can be a little tiresome or stressful if not planned properly. Everything is all well and good when you get to your destination – but why should the fun begin there? We’ve put together some tips to make your airport experience more enjoyable before you even arrive at your destination.

Prepare for Travel Well in Advance

Have you ever created a holiday checklist before travelling? This is a great way to organise for your trip – and if you follow what you have outlined – then you are less likely to have a stressful morning at the airport worrying that you may have forgotten something. If you have a think of everything that you need to pack – put it in a checklist, and then tick off as you go – it will give you peace of mind on the day of travel and allow you to enjoy your airport experience. It can also save money in case you need to buy things last minute at the airport.

Get your Parking Sorted

Getting a taxi to the airport is a chosen option for a lot of people, but it does mean that you are reliant on someone else to get you to where you want to be on time. Airport parking can make life so much easier for you. Birmingham airport parking can be a completely hassle-free experience especially when you book in advance. Birmingham parking can also be a much more cost-effective option, especially if you are a little further away from the airport which is better if you are on a budget. You can get meet and greets, valet parking etc – all to make the experience much more stress-free and enjoyable for you. Make parking at Birmingham airport as easy on yourself as you can and prepare.

Get Some Duty Free

Saving money on some of the luxuries in life at Duty-Free is an airport tradition that people have always taken advantage of. There’s nothing like saving yourself some cash on your favourite perfume or makeup. They also have the biggest name brands around that usually would cost you so much more. Even if you don’t buy anything – the window shopping in itself is always lots of fun. You can smell some of the perfumes – and if you are lucky, you can sometimes even sample your favourite tipple. Allow yourself some time to stroll around and see if there is something that you’d like.

Have a Bite to Eat

Airports tend to have a lot of choices when it comes to food options. If you aren’t a big fan of plane food – then make sure you are there early enough to indulge in a meal or snack at the airport depending on what time your flight is. On the airport website – you will typically find all of the details as to where you can eat or drink, so you can pre-plan before you go if you like. Alternatively – you can see where the mood takes you. The great thing about airport restaurants is that they know everyone has to catch a flight, so you can generally rely on speedy service when it comes to ordering and getting your food and drinks. If you are looking for other people’s opinions – you may want to check out Tripadvisor before you go.

Download a Book on your Kindle

One of the things people find most frustrating about travelling, particularly if they are flying is that there is the potential for flights to be delayed. When that happens, it means that you could be sitting about for hours waiting to get going. Although this isn’t ideal – there are lots of ways to keep yourself occupied. Is there a book you have been meaning to read but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Why not download it, and read it while you wait – it could also be some good in-flight entertainment for you if you are on a long-haul trip. If you don’t have a specific book in mind – have a look at the bestsellers in the airport, and see if there is anything that takes your fancy. A little bit of peace and quiet could be a great way to prepare you for your travels.

Get Priority Boarding

Some people are nervous flyers – want to make sure that everything is it should be on the flight. If you fall within that criteria – it could be a good idea to look into priority boarding. Here you can find your seat – put any carry-on luggage in the overhead locker, without having to rush and find a place last minute, and sit comfortably in your seat. Normally priority boarding comes with other perks too such as additional options for checking in your bags. If you are going to be spending a lot of time on the flight – you also may want to look into the costs for the extra legroom. It usually isn’t overly expensive – and could make your journey much more comfortable. If you are a nervous flyer – make sure you let the in-flight team know.

Relax on Flight

Whether it’s downloading some of your favourite TV shows from Netflix – or reading that book, look at your flight as a fun part of the travels. You can get lots of different beverages like tea, coffee, or even wine if you fancy it – and soak in the anticipation of getting to where you want to be. The on-flight staff are usually incredibly helpful – and will make your journey as enjoyable as they can. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions if you have any; they are there to help.

Visit the Cockpit

Visiting the Cockpit on your flight is still a possibility these days – even with the additional security measures that are in place. If that’s something that you are interested in doing – make sure you ask the flight attendant as early as possible on your trip – and they will do the best they can for you. They may say no on occasion if the pilot is busy, and if that’s the case – accept that answer and entertain yourself in other ways. It could be an option on your journey back.

Pre-Book your Transfers

Often when you land at your destination – that isn’t the end of your journey, you still need to get to your accommodation. It’s a good idea to make sure you have taken care of this before you travel. There are lots of different options these days to suit all group sizes and budgets. As well as buses, coaches, and private taxis – you can even get shared transfers if you want to save a little money on your journey.

If you are thinking about your next travel adventure – and a visit to the airport or a flight is an option – then hopefully with our top tips, this will be a much more enjoyable experience for you. Remember that this is where your journey begins and to make the most of it.

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