We Are Scientists - Image Credit Dan Monick

We Are Scientists launch limited edition beer with Arundel Brewery

Iconic indie-rockers We Are Scientists have finally crafted their very own beer, Lobes Pils. Named after, and available as part of a bundle with, their new album Lobes, the band has developed the new brew in collaboration with the award-winning independent Sussex brewer, Arundel Brewery.

An unfiltered lager in the Czech style, Lobes Pilsner uses Saaz hops for a rich crisp flavour with a biscuity aroma and herbal undertones. At 4%, it pairs well with sunshine and works surprisingly well in the dark too—at a We Are Scientists concert for instance.

Award-winning, West Sussex-based, family run and proudly independent, Arundel Brewery has been brewing beer since 1992. The brewery’s family of craft beer fanatics aim to create the most delicious and flavoursome beers possible.

An American rock band started in California in 2000, We Are Scientists have carried out their last 20 years of art business from a base in New York City. They’re already synonymous with memorable nights out, with all those endless final rounds at the bar soundtracked by their 2008 classic After Hours, and now decide to launch their official beer in the middle of “Dry Jan” – a true statement of dedication to the responsible enjoyment of bubbly beverages.

Lobes Pils

It’s a hit with famous friends in the indie music industry already, with Ash’s Tim Wheeler reviewing the brew as “slurpalicious” and drummer Andy Burrows of Razorlight fame getting sentimental after a taking a sip down memory lane… “to have once been the Malt to their Barley & Hops means my life forever truly pops.”

Talking about their extensive experience in the field, and what led to the collaboration with the UK brewery, We Are Scientists said: “Our line of work has allowed us to purchase, palm, and polish off beer in over 40 countries. It is with the attendant clout that we dub Arundel Brewery one of the top grain fermenters anywhere, and with a deep blush of pride and inebriation that we join them in offering this very special, stupidly swiggable pils.”

Arundel Brewery added, “collaborations allow us to work with some amazing people and working with a band like We Are Scientists is really exciting. This crisp Czech style pilsner is set to be the perfect palate party and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

Lobes Pils, available for a limited time in the UK, via the band’s webstore: www.100percent.it/WAS_Beer 

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