working from home

WFH – Working From Home (made easy)

Working from home has a certain appeal. Above all else, we love to say goodbye to the commute and say hello to extra time in bed. We wouldn’t mind so much, but the people on our commute, driving the cars around us or sharing our train carriages, all seem to have been sent to test us. If it’s not a tailgating moron getting your day off to a heavily frowning start, it’s somebody eating their breakfast over you in a tightly packed and smelly train carriage – and nobody is allowed to open a window because there’s always someone onboard incapable of regulating their own body temperature who will close it right away. The joys of commuting are few. People, it seems, want to upset us.

So. You finally switch to a working-from-home role. Problems solved. Right? Well, yeah, there’s no commute anymore. But home offices take time to build. You need supplies. Things that get replenished in the work office don’t get replenished at home. Printer ink is a big one (see laser toner cartridge). And you need a chair that’s comfortable. And a desk – we’ll get to this in a minute. If you think sitting on the sofa with the TV in the background is going to work out, think again…

Working environment

You need somewhere to work. The sofa isn’t the answer. It will be, for about a week, or maybe two, but sooner or later the back pain from holding your arms up all day to type is going to catch up with you. There’s a reason desks and chairs are so popular. Just like houses with separate rooms for different functions quickly replaced the one room cave as humanity’s preferred mode of abode, the desk and chair combo will far outstrip anything you can muster with a sofa, arms propped up on cushions, a foot rest, and something like a board game box resting on your knees as a makeshift stand for your laptop.

Remember to move. Remember to eat.

Working from home means working from a seated or lounging position all day. There’s no walking to meeting rooms or grabbing a sandwich with friends at lunch. It’s a sedentary existence. Usually, working from home also means that once your work for the day is done, you can close your laptop. This means people work through their lunch breaks, removing exercise and eating times as otherwise normal parts of your workday. Remember to stand up and move around. Take at least 30 mins away from the screen. Prepare frozen meals if you have to. The last thing you need is to skip meals and find yourself overeating in the evening when you are ravenous from all day fasting.

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