What Are the Key Reasons for Employing a Business VPN?

Modern businesses face a wide range of challenges, and one that has become prevalent in recent years is the cybersecurity thread. It’s thought that cybercrime will cost the global economy more than $10 trillion a year by 2025, as hackers continue to devise new, more sophisticated techniques every day.

Companies have to react quickly to prevent harmful breaches, and one way they can improve their security is by using a VPN service (https://nordvpn.com/). But what is a VPN, and what are its advantages for businesses?

What Is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It creates an encrypted tunnel so that any data sent or received is fully protected and safe from the prying eyes of those with criminal intent.

What Are the Benefits for a Business?

There are plenty of reasons why using a VPN service can prove beneficial for any organisation. Here are five of them.

Improve Security

Cybercrime cases increased 600% due to the coronavirus pandemic. Partly thanks to the millions of people forced to work from home rather than their typical office environment. It wouldn’t be an issue if you use a trusted VPN service, but if not, you put in danger not only your private data but companies too.

Remote Access

With working conditions seemingly altered forever, businesses have had to adapt and change with the times. That means the larger numbers of employees doing their jobs from remote locations and using public Wi-Fi.

However, public Wi-Fi networks are the perfect targets for hackers because most of them lack security measures. A good VPN service provides you a secure, encrypted tunnel for online traffic to flow. It allows you to securely access personal information or work files, encrypt your internet connection, and keep your browsing history private.


Many businesses in the past used leased lines, but this could become expensive. And those prices could rise even more if connecting locations are far away from each other. A VPN offers an improved solution that looks relatively moderate in price and allows you to feel completely safe.

No Geoblocks

Some countries have strict laws regarding internet access, which can be problematic for businesses whose employees travel regularly. This can sometimes result in work-related IP addresses getting banned for no legitimate reason. A top-rated solution these days is to connect over a VPN. This can allow you to circumvent pretty much all content restrictions imposed by your current Internet service provider.


Businesses that are provided as a hosted service can be scaled more easily. It can be done through the back end, without any periods of downtime, so businesses can adjust their VPN capabilities to match their growth and suit their needs.

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