House Sitting

What to Consider when Asking a Friend to House-sit

If you’re going away for a while, whether it’s for pleasure or business, then it’s usually a good idea to ask someone to pop in every now and again to check that you haven’t developed any problems. This applies especially if you have pets, plants, or other things in your house that require regular attention.

You might even go as far as to let a friend or family member stay in your home for the duration of the trip. That way, your house will get much more regular attention, and you won’t be putting anyone out. It’s a win-win scenario: especially if your house-sitter needs a place to stay just as you are leaving.

So, what steps might you take to make sure that your house-sitter has the best possible experience, and that your house is kept in the best possible condition? Let’s take a look at a few key things to worry about.

Prepare the room

Ideally, you don’t want your house sitter to have to search for supplies. Make sure all of the essential items are restocked. This includes towels, toilet paper, shampoo, teabags, and all of the other must-have items. Make sure that everything’s clean, and that the sheets have been changed – that is, unless you’ve agreed that your house-sitter will take care of this.

Explain what needs to be done

Setting out a clear list of instructions will help you to ensure that nothing is forgotten. This means feeding pets, cleaning out litter trays, taking dogs for walks, and watering plants in the greenhouse. Be as specific as possible, but try not to drown them in information. If you have particular requirements, or you need something unusual done, then you might want to demonstrate in person. After all, not everyone knows how to clean out a chicken coop.

Prepare a Guide with any Information

If you have the instruction manuals to hand for all of your appliances, then your house-sitter will be in a better position to deal with problems. You might even take out temporary car insurance so that your guest can use it to run errands. Keep the documents somewhere where they can be easily accessed.

Provide a list of emergency contacts

If there’s a real emergency, then you won’t be around to intervene. Leave the contact details of someone trusted. This might be another close friend, or a relative. If your house-sitter is looking after pets, then you might also want to leave the contact details of a trusted emergency vet.

Get a gift

As a gesture of your appreciation, it might be appropriate to leave a gift for your house-sitter. That is, if you aren’t going to pay them in cash!

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