What To Consider When Choosing Men’s Eyeglasses

What To Consider When Choosing Men’s Eyeglasses

In general, fewer men wear glasses than women. However, the exact percentage varies depending on which survey you look at. It’s generally agreed that 62% of men need some form of eye correction and 42% of men wear eyeglasses.

Those that don’t will wear contact lenses and should still have eyeglasses, they are just rarely worn. If you’re one of those men then periodically you’re going to need to change your glasses because your prescription has changed or because you wish to keep up with the latest styles, here are some tips to consider when choosing.

Try Ordering Online

Most men assume you need to visit your local optician and inspect the frames on offer before trying them on and selecting a pair. This is one way to go. However, if you take a look at men’s prescription eyeglasses online, you’ll find the array of options is significantly larger.

In addition, with modern software, you can take a picture of yourself and superimpose different frames to see which you like the most. Of course, if you order frames and don’t like them you can simply return them and order something different. That’s a small price to pay for the larger selection and the perfect eyeglasses.

If you’ve never ordered glasses online before, then it’s time to try it. You’ll find the experience simple, hassle-free, and fast. Everything most men like about shopping.

Think About Your Prescription

When choosing prescription glasses, always think about your prescription: if you have a strong prescription, the glasses in your frames will be thicker. To take this into account and create the best look, a slightly thicker frame is preferable. Not only will they look better, but they will also handle the weight of the lenses better.

Know Your Face Shape

There are many different shapes of faces, from circular to oval, to square, and even triangle. To assess what type of face you have, look at the top, middle, and bottom and work out which is wider.

Imagine a thick line joining your eyebrows to your jaw, encompassing your cheeks, you’ll quickly see what face shape you have.

You can then choose glasses which are the opposite. For example, if you decide you have a square face, choose round or curved glasses. They will soften your face and look better than square frames.

Think About Your Activity Level

When choosing prescription glasses, it is important to think about how active you are: if the most you do is walk down the street, then most glasses will do.

If, on the other hand, you are very active, e.g. running, cycling and other sports, you should consider sports sunglasses. These glasses are specially designed for those with an active lifestyle and reduce the possibility of them coming off and becoming damaged.

Summing Up

Choosing your next pair of men’s eyeglasses doesn’t need to be a chore, it should be a fun experience. All you have to do is be prepared to open your mind and choose something different, you may be surprised at how good they can make you look and feel.

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