Travel Memories

What to Do with Your Travel Memories and Mementos When You Get Home

Are you a travel buff that seems to continually be jetting off on one holiday or the next? Do you make it a point to collect lots of travel memories in the form of mementoes, souvenirs, photos, and other items? It’s a wonderful way to bring something of meaning home with you so you can be reminded of your experience, but the question is, what do you do with all that stuff once you get it home? Rather than pack up your travel mementoes or stack them in a corner collecting dust, here are some great and creative ways to store, display and enjoy the items.

Collect Items Using a Design Concept or Plan

The first tip has to do with the items you purchase and collect. Rather than a random selection, why not choose one theme, colour or design concept? This will allow all the pieces to be displayed cohesively in your home. For example, maybe you could start collecting decorative plates from each location. It’s one item but it still allows for variety in terms of size, style, design, and colour. When picking the design concept or theme, be sure to pick one that is universal so that you can easily find items regardless of the destination you travel to.

Create a Photobook – Choose All the Best Photos

How many times have you taken tons of pictures on a holiday, only to come home, look at them once, and then never enjoy them again? What do you do with all those photos? One option could be to start making photo books. You can essentially create a library of all your holidays, dedicating one book to each trip.

Photobox is a company that specialises in photo books that look professional and beautiful. All photos are printed in high-quality, so they appear just as you remembered them. Choose from various styles, layouts, and sizes. What’s great about photo books is that it makes them easy to organise. Because each book is dedicated to a particular destination or holiday, you can quickly look back on those specific memories. Photo books can be displayed on a table, bookshelf or anywhere else you want.

Get Artistic with a Travel Photo Wall

Another great way to display your travel photos is to create a travel photo wall. You’ve got a couple of options with this approach, but it all comes down to your personal style, how many photos you want to display, and how much work you’re willing to put into it. The great thing about a photo wall is that, because you are simply displaying your pictures in a frame, it’s not permanent. This means you can swap out the photos any time you like to match with the season, your mood, a particular holiday, and so forth.

Here are some tips and considerations for those who want to create a photo wall:

  1. Choose a wall with plenty of open space
  2. Pick one style or one colour of frame if you like the uniform look
  3. Do you want the same sized frames or different sizes and layouts (landscape vs portrait)?
  4. Pick one material or finish
  5. Do you like the idea of collages or single photo frames?
  6. Stagger the layout for a more casual look
  7. Make it easy to remove the photo from the wall to swap the picture in it

There is no right or wrong way to create a photo wall, so you’ve got quite a bit of creative freedom here.

Digital Photo Frames – the High-Tech Way to Enjoy Your Memories

Some people don’t have the space for a dedicated photo wall but want to see all their pictures regularly. For these people, a digital photo frame is probably the smartest option. This allows you to display a large number of photos without taking up a lot of space.

Create a Travel Shelf Somewhere Prominent in the House

If you want to keep your travel-related items to one spot in the house, rather than throughout the space, then a good solution is to use a travel shelf. This will be a shelf or shelves that are meant to hold your travel-related items and nothing else. If you’re going to go down this route, you don’t need to stick to a particular theme; you can use a more eclectic approach. Rather than a standard bookcase style shelf, there are cubby style shelves. These tend to be more interesting and modern and allow for a bit more creativity when it comes to how you display the items. Keep in mind that, depending on how often you travel and how many items you bring home, the shelving system may not work for long. You may find yourself filling it up faster than you thought.

Collect Items That You Can Hang on the Walls

Don’t like the idea of displaying your travel mementoes on shelves, or maybe you’ve run out of room on the shelves? If that’s the case, get into the habit of collecting items that can be hung on the walls. This can include items like:

  • Wall art
  • Tapestry
  • Small decorative rugs
  • Quilts
  • Cross-stitching
  • Items you can put in a photo box/shadow box
  • Hats

For this approach, it will take a creative eye, as not everything automatically stands out as something you could hang on the wall. It’s also important to consider how much space the items will take up and if you’ve got that available in your home. You may need to display items throughout the house rather than in one room.

Enjoy All the Items You Collect from Your Travels

Most people tend to purchase souvenirs and mementos from their holidays, and at the very least, they are sure to take photos. They are meant to remind you of the joy, the laughter and the special time you had. It doesn’t make any sense to then come home and pack those memories away; instead, display them with pride and enjoy them every day.

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