What Will Student Accommodation Look Like in the Future?

Student halls are increasingly becoming more innovative and design led to meet the higher demands set by prospective students. But, what can tomorrow’s student look forward to?

Gone are the days that student accommodation held a reputation for being dingy and cramped with tiny rooms adjoined to dimly lit corridors, freezing communal bathrooms and kitchens stocked with rusty old appliances.

Slowly shaking off its negative connotations, student halls are reaching new heights and becoming more luxurious, boosting its appeal and adding to the desirability. Some properties even boast their own swimming pools, rooftop terraces, cinema and on-site gyms; a far cry from the crumbling establishments that were once considered normal student life.

Advancements within student accommodation have progressed rapidly over recent years. But, if this is what student builds look like now, what could they look like in the future? Accommodation company mystudenthalls.com teamed up with Alexander Purcell Rodrigues to envisage what student accommodation could be set to look like well into the forthcoming years and explained their predictions:

Charge your device anywhere

Induction charging, also known as wireless charging is one of the first provisions. Leads will be a thing of the past and charging coils will be embedded into desks and table tops. Given that nearly all students rely heavily on their phones, student accommodation could employ this latest technology and make it more ubiquitous. Through student accommodation employing this high-tech transformation, students will be able to charge their devices simply by placing them on a surface.

Smart builds will be ahead of the game

How great would it be if problems could be highlighted before they needed to be fixed? Buildings will be soon able to highlight maintenance teams of any problems as and when they happen. For example, maintenance teams will be alerted before a boiler part needs to be replaced or if a bulb is about to blow, or the freezer needs to be serviced, leading to fewer faults and breakdowns that halt the lives of students and affect their everyday routine.

Interact with the build through your phone

Imagine receiving an alert when your clothes washing has run its full cycle and needs collecting? Receiving alerts on your phone when a study space becomes available? Reminding you to turn lights off before you leave the room? Alerts to your phone could save a tenant money on their bills by saving on electricity too, so a good all-rounder for both tenant and landlord.

Eco-friendly halls

Student accommodation is often constructed with the latest designs and building standards in mind, this ensures the perfect surroundings and interiors are created However, wouldn’t it be interesting if a build could manage their own energy consumption, temperature and air quality based on numerous factors like room occupancy? Solar roof panels are also quickly becoming a welcome addition to boost the eco friendliness of a property and promote sustainability.

Hotel-style recreation

Student halls and the purpose-built student accommodation market is quickly becoming a world class asset that continues to prosper and newer builds are already injecting life back into student living. Communal areas are great for students to socialise, and relaxation areas are available for some downtime. RW Invest, property specialists based in Liverpool, offer a range of student properties within UK hotspots that boast premium features, guaranteed to produce competitive rental yields and high potential for capital appreciation.

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