Raspberry and Chocolate pancakes available at Meanwhile Cafe

Where to go this Pancake Day – ‘Specials’ not to miss from the best pancake restaurants in Brighton 



I am going to kick things off with a biassed start because I think Nowhere Man are the best pancakes in England, let alone Brighton. (I would say the best pancakes in the world, but I reckon I would need to be more cake-cultured to make that judgement.) With their speciality being pancakes, you can trust that they have their recipe just right. T

he pancakes alone are light and fluffy, American style bad-boys. Sometimes the pancake options are simply ‘bacon and syrup’ or ‘fruit and chocolate’. Not at Nowhere Man. The range of toppings are an ode to some of our favourite desserts. Think strawberries and cream, toffee and walnuts, bananas and rich hazelnut chocolate syrup. The all-American dream pancakes are a generous 50/50 between sweet and savoury. With this option, you get a stack of three pancakes, topped with blueberry compote, plus creamy scrambled eggs and smoky bacon rashers for that salty hit.

To make the pancakes your own, choose from the list of extras, but it is definitely worth trusting the combinations composed by the masters. You get a LOT too. Just look at their instagram page (@goingnowhereman) and your mouth will water. My favourite raspberry, white chocolate and pistachio pancakes are back on the menu too. The perfect excuse to make my Nowhere Man return. They are gluten-free and all sweet pancakes can be made vegan, or choose from four vegan specials. Prices range from £8.25-£11.25, plus charges for extra toppings.


Next up, I want to mention the Breakfast Club because they are doing some insane pancake day specials. You know that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate factory where Bruce Bogtrotter has to eat the chocolate cake? Now imagine that in a pancake-day style challenge. For one day only (the 21st Feb) you have the chance to demolish 12 pancakes in twelve minutes. If you succeed, the pancakes are on The Breakfast Club. Mission failed, and you will have to pay £20 which will be used to support the TBC Good Day Get-Together charity.

The other two pancake specials are also Willy Wonka themed and available between the 16th-28th of February, allowing plenty of time to try these marvellous creations. The ‘Violet Cheesecake Beauregarde’ (£16) pancakes are layered with a tangy blueberry compote, a creamy vanilla cheesecake filling and are finished off with a sweet cloud of candy floss. To be honest, they look too good to eat! Or, the ‘Cherry Chocolate Scrumdidilyumptious’ (£16) pancakes are layered with a sour cherry compote, topped with a chocolate bomb which is served with a river of ‘pour it all over me’ hot chocolate ganache, revealing a chocolate & cherry filling. It is pancake alchemy! 

Even when it is not pancake day, The Breakfast Club has some standout options including The Big Stack: a triple stack of pancakes, crispy bacon, hash browns, sausage patty, cheese, caramelised onions & a fried egg (£16). Their fry-up style pancakes are apparently what made them famous so they must be worth trying. For something lighter, have the fresh berries and lemon cream pancakes (£14). 
https://thebreakfastclubcafes.com/brighton/  @thebrekkyclub


Starfish & Coffee are not shy of winning a few awards including Best Cafe in 2018, 2019 and 2020 as well as best brunch in 2018 and 2022. They evidently know their brunch but more importantly, the people of Brighton know it is good and they will be especially busy this week serving pancake day specials. Craving something different? This is the place to go. Smoked mackerel, savoury beetroot, roasted pear; we know that savoury pancakes may not be for everyone but I can’t help but be intrigued! The smoked mackerel pancakes are served with horseradish, tartar sauce, dill and radish. Or perhaps you fancy the goats cheese pancakes with minty sweet pea mash, sauteed spinach and roasted walnuts. If your sweet tooth is cringing at the thought of a beetroot red pancake, the oreo cheesecake pancakes are complete with lemon vanilla cheese and burnt marshmallow. There is also the choice to stick to what you know with blueberry and streaky bacon. These unique creations (plus more that I have not named) are available for one day only where Starfish and Coffee dedicate their whole menu to pancakes only. It is a big deal here, and it is brilliant. Crispy kale on a pancake? Why not try it while you can tomorrow! When it is not pancake day, try the Miso Caramel Pancakes: buttermilk pancakes, miso caramel coconut yoghurt, maple syrup, banana coconut crisps (£12.25).

https://starfishandcoffee.cafe/    @starfishandcafe


Another restaurant with some delicious pancake specials this week (Monday 20th-Saturday 26th Feb) is Meanwhile. What I love about Meanwhile Cafe is their food is always delicately crafted and plated, and these incredible little pancakes have had their own mini photoshoot to prove they will be no exception. Two extra thick pancakes are stacked up and topped with four unique and tasty recipes. The options are: sticky toffee pancakes with creme fraiche, candied walnuts and toffee sauce; blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon, bacon jam and maple syrup; chocolate chip pancakes with raspberry compote, white chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. Or choose the original pancakes which are available on the standard brunch menu: blueberry compote, passionfruit butter, and maple syrup. Their pancakes are a very popular menu item because of their extra-thick shape with a centre which is beyond-fluffy. It will be interesting to see if any of these specials (all of which are priced at £10) stay… 

https://www.meanwhilecafe.com/    @meanwhile_cafe


I tried the pancakes at Moksha most recently, and you know when you just get a bite of a pancake and you can tell it is homemade? They were the equivalent of eating one of your mum’s freshly baked cookies fresh out of the oven because they were so warm, spongy and more-ish. Hopefully they were made with just as much love.

Expect to see the classic blueberry and syrup pancakes (£10) on the menu, and streaky bacon pancakes (£11). The difference is, these are actual blueberry-stuffed pancakes. The banana pancakes topped with homemade salted caramel sauce (£10) constantly catch my eye (and rumbling belly). The full American pancakes (£13) are the one you want to go for if you are hungry though, served with sausage, smoked streaky bacon, fried or scrambled eggs, maple syrup and homemade beans. It is apparent that the meat is free-range and locally sourced because the quality is so delicious. Complete your pancake feast with Moksha famous hash-browns, and wash it all down with a fresh juice, smoothie or coffee. 

https://mokshacaffe.co.uk/    @mokshacaffe


The ultimate space for Insta-worthy brunch. It is no surprise Oeuf has 18.1k followers on Instagram. Their pancakes alone are towers which could easily be mistaken for a three tier cake, carefully decorated with drippings of oozing syrup, fresh berries, elegant edible flowers, and a necessary sprinkling of icing sugar. The Lemon & Blueberry Cheesecake stack of fluffy pancakes, layered with cream cheese and lemon & blueberries (£12) sound divine. The Biscoff Pancakes with biscoff spread, chantilly cream and biscuit crumb (£12) sound equally mouth-watering. Oeuf are also commendable however for their original sweet treats for the ultimate pancake alternative. The frumpet is their signature dish – a french toast battered crumpet with savoury and sweet versions available. The Melt in the Middle Cheese and Chive (£13) is a classic, but my favourite Oeuf dish is The Poached Peach frumpet (£13) with raspberry yogurt, almond flakes, honey, meringue and caramelised peaches. Whether you opt for classic pancakes this Tuesday, or try a frumpet stack instead, don’t be afraid to knock the picture-perfect tower down and tuck right into your jenga game of sugar, cream and berries. 

https://oeuf.cafe/  @oeuf.cafe


Why choose berries or chocolate pancakes when Trading Post Coffee Roasters just combine the two. Their brunch menu has recently had a little bit of a glow up, and with their now being six stores across Sussex including Lewes and Chichester, Trading Post seem to be dominating the Brighton brunch scene. The pancakes I refer to are buttermilk pancakes, with layers of nutella, berry compote and raspberries for £9.50. Maple and bacon pancakes with blueberries and pecans are also a reasonable £9.95, and their Yogurt and Berry pancakes with dollops of thick Greek yogurt, blueberries, berry compote and desiccated coconut are £9.50. While Trading Post does not have any pancake day specials, their sweet breakfast is worth a mention for being delicious all year round. 

https://www.tradingpostcoffee.co.uk/   @tradingpostcoffeeroasters


Last but not least, I present to you the ultimate home of American pancakes – an American diner. JB’s was the first spot I stumbled across one of the very first times I visited Brighton, and there is just something about a jukebox and red leather booths that make buttermilk pancakes taste that bit more authentic and delicious! What’s more, JB’s is located on King’s Road, so you are treated to sea views for your pancake party. Served until 11:45, you can get your pancakes for just £7.75. The ‘Banana Joe’ pancakes with banana, maple syrup and pecans, or ‘The Betty Boop’ with whipped cream, strawberries, and nutella sound especially fun and prove that sometimes it is okay to stick with the classics! 

https://jbsdiner.co.uk/   @jbsdiner

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